Saturday, November 8, 2014

I quit my J-O-B to focus on my Shaklee future.

It has been in the works for way too many years.  I knew that the JOB world wasn't where I belonged, but the security blanket the JOB offered seemed like the right thing to do.  I realize that sitting behind a desk, punching the clock for a small wage was not the answer.  As a mom, I have tried to balance life, work, and play, but always fell short when it came to me missing some important moments with my boys. 
This week is the first week EVER I haven't had to rush away from my boys to go to "work."  Antonio and I have been able to sit together and focus on our message of helping people feel and live better in between special dinners, movie nights and reading before bed.  My youngest was jumping into bed, but hadn't remembered to do something--when I asked him to do it before he went to sleep, he told me, "Mom, this is how we always do it--you are never here when we go to bed."  That broke my heart.  It was so true.  I don't know their nighttime routines.  I have come home to a dark silent home for the past 10 years, to find my sleeping babies in their beds.  I covered them up and kissed them goodnight.  They never knew my nighttime routines either.  This week has been such a wonderful change of routines.  We play and work together all day long and everyone gets ready for bed, and my babies all ask me to come in and give them their goodnight kiss.  What they didn't know is that I have tucked them in every night, but only now is it making a difference. 

I made a special arrangement to make sure my family came first.  It is making a difference in our happiness.  We are able to connect, dream and grow together.  It is really fun to watch them keep me focused.  They all make a real effort to support my Shaklee business.  Matthew told me this morning that he knew what is good for him--"My vitamins and Shaklee food."  When I think my kids will run from another Smoothee or bar I am so happy to hear them ask if they could skip dinner and just have a bar.  They love them.  We were at the grocery store today, planning the meals for the week.  Antonio asked to stick to a Shaklee smoothee for his dinner, since he is full all evening.  I know the kids aren't that gung-ho on 100% Shaklee meals, but to my surprise--they asked  to have Shaklee everyday too--just maybe two nights a week with a regular meal.  WOW!!  I am on board.  Since they voted--I am happy to complete their wishes. 

We have been able to seriously change our bodies with the Shaklee 180 program!  THANK YOU SHAKLEE!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

My mission was wrong!

I have to say I just realized how happy I am.  Yesterday I spent an entire day working, and missing my family.  My husband, Antonio, was out all day working to provide for our family.  My kids were having the time of their lives with Grandma and Pa.  My sisters and families were all in route to spend the holiday together.  I worked all day long preparing my family for our future.  It is so exciting.  My family is the best part of my life!

I just watched a wonderful movie--couldn't tell  you the name, but it was good.  Then, it hit me--my mission is wrong!!!

--I want to educate and inspire people to live happy, health, and not "wealthy" lives but prosperous lives.--

In talking over our goals at dinner, I realized I have an amazing life.  Bumps and curve balls along the way have taught me more and made me stronger.  I have been to the bottom (more than once) and I didn't give up.  I worked hard, looked for the answers and became me.  

I "rich" man isn't always a happy nor healthy one.  I aspire to be on the wealthy side of the fence, but the idea of being a "rich" person seems so cold and uninviting.  I wish for each of you that you will be prosperous in all that you do.  That your prosperity will generate the riches to fulfill your dreams.  I wish for you to laugh, cry and grow through life.  I wish for each of you reading to find something in your life that makes a difference and work on that aspect of you.  What lesson will you learn from?  How will you take the lessons learned and help someone else? 
These little men are worth it all!

I have to say that life is amazing!  I pray each of you will do something amazing today and every day!  I love my life and family!  I thank God for each one.  May your day be filled with joy and the wonders of Easter and the arrival of Springtime weather. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wonderfully cold beginning to Spring.

Not sure why, but yesterday was WONDERFUL and today we are back in the 20's.  My husband and his crew are out again creating a beautiful place for people to enjoy.  Woke up this morning to bitter cold weather and had a landscaping estimate at 10.  My youngest went out with me, then just moments into our tour---he asked if he could return to the warm car with his brothers.  They weren't about to freeze.  He ran off to take shelter.  I love my life!!!  We get completely dirty one one half and wonderful Shaklee soap to get us clean again!!  It is a WIN-WIN!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Joy of the seasons!!

Today is day 2 back in the school swing.  I couldn't be more proud of my little men.  We were off for a really good couple of weeks and I think they were actually happy to get back to work.  While we were off we played!!  This Christmas has to have been one of my happiest in 15 years.  Each of my boys were delighted with the magic of the season.  My mother made an observation that was spot on....  My boys were more than a little excited to get their laundry list of toys, but this year they were even a little more excited to give gifts.  Jason asked me as we were compiling the Santa lists what I wanted.  I replied a new phone.  He looked at me a little disappointed.  He said, "Ok I will try to save up enough."  It was so sweet he thought he had to buy it for me.  I did eventually get it--from my hubby! 
      Christmas morning was a blur!!  Wrapping paper just flew around the room.  We opened and opened toy after toy.  They were thrilled to know that Santa got their lists, even though he didn't get everything right.  Some of the gifts were for the wrong kid, but since they came in a 3-pack, they were happy to exchange them among each other.  They have shared the haul very well. 
      A few days before Christmas, Jason asked me if I had a lot of work to do the next day.  I replied I was pretty caught up, why?  I would like you to take me to BPS (our local SCAG mower dealer) so that he could get a gift for his dad.  Grandma helped buy him something, but it just wasn't it.  He really wanted to buy him some "SCAG" accessories.  We got to the store and he found some wonderful glasses and a pair of heavy duty gloves he knew his daddy would just love.  Jason could hardly wait to see his face as he opened it.  He wrapped it himself and even applied a jumbo SCAG sticker on the package to make it extra special.  Watching him share such joy was priceless.

     Months ago Joseph woke up to surprise me with a special breakfast--a basil omelet.  It was delicious!  He made everything on his own and later told me of his plan.  He wanted to make me breakfast in hopes of earning himself a cooking class.  He had written out a note to remind himself.  I of course saved it.  This Christmas my sister, mother and I grouped together to make the cooking class a reality.  Joseph opened the gifts as he had all the others, but as the gift became a little more understood--he melted my heart.    He got a cooking hat and chef's cooking jacket, which he thought was a little strange.  Once he got the certificate for the cooking class--his little face lit up.  He then saw the little note he wrote.  His eyes teared up.  He was so surprised to see that I had saved it and that we were actually sending him to cooking school.  That was the best gift ever!!

I am wishing all of you the best the year has to offer!  Happiness, wonderful health and lots of love to share with friends and family.  May your year be as wonderful all year as my holiday was this year.

I have never felt more blessed in my life.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Save over $3400......

You are going to clean anyway!!  Why not clean without harming the Earth and your health?  Cleaning is a must, so why not save money along the way!! 

The Shaklee Starter Kit is a powerhouse of clean.  If you were to go to a local store and buy regular pre-mixed products you would (and likely already do) have to pay over $3400 to get the same number of cleaning uses contained in the starter kit, valued at $115.32 retail cost. 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cleaning has never been easier.

If you haven't tried Shaklee's Get Clean products---now is the time.  It lasts FOREVER and it WORKS!!  I have recently shared a couple samples with some friends and they are so surprised when the see how little it takes to get a clean house.  2 drops of Basic H2 in 16 ounces of water is equal to a window/glass cleaner--no fumes, no streaks, clean and chemical free!  Scour off is one of my favorites!!!  It is a scouring paste that could be compared to "Comet" or "Soft Scrub" cleaners.  It is fume free, chemical free and all natural!!!  To clean a tub...take a wet sponge and you simply tap, not scoop the product.  It will foam up and clean even the toughest tub grime.  When you think it isn't enough--add more water, not usually more product.  I just shared a little 2 ounce sample of Nature Bright with a friend over the last few days who had a nasty mess that went thru her washer, then her dryer until she noticed nice red steaks all over all of her white clothes.  She knew it wasn't going to come out with her regular products, so she gave Nature Bright a shot.  She used only half the container I shared with her.  As she was folding the clothes her boyfriend walked in and started to inspect the clothes--NOT A SPOT left.  They were stunned that a non-chlorine, non-bleach product could clean so well.  They were sure the clothes were trash.  Now,
new Shaklee fans!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Compound Effect

"The Compound Effect is the principle of reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices. Most people get tripped up by the simplicity of the Compound Effect.  For instance, they quit after the eighth day of running because they're still overweight.  Or they stop practicing the piano after six months because they haven't mastered anything other than "Chopsticks."   Or they stop making contributions to their IRA after a few years because they could use the cash."

"What they don't realize is that these small, seemingly insignificant steps completed consistently over time will create a radical difference. Mr. hardy's formula...
Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Time = Radical Difference