Tuesday, August 22, 2017

This is a Breakthrough year!

The theme this year is "Breakthrough!"

What could that mean for your family?

More time together?    Yes, please!!
Less time behind a desk?  Ok, I will take it!
More travel?   When does the flight leave?
Renovations?  I have my tool bag ready and waiting!

Regardless of how you live--it all requires a financial security, right?  Are you making enough?  Are your bills up to date and are you saving for those big ticket dreams?

What if you stop working---do you still receive a paycheck?
No?  People don't really get paid without working, but yet again--I DO!!

Now, it does take work and dedication to do this business.  It takes a dedication to living a healthier, more productive life.  A passion for helping others and well, work!  


Because Dr. Shaklee knew how powerful his healthcare products would be for people around the world--he set up the business model to pay us every time someone buys a product or recommends them to others!!  So, essentially it is my "job" to make an introduction.  Help my contact to find the right combination of products to make a difference in their home and let Shaklee products speak for themselves.  I have had a number of people immediately think of a friend, parent, co-worker who could benefit from a Shaklee experience.  Many times--I have never met the person, yet I am paid each time they order.  Now that is an awesome day's work.  Work with your team to reach out to new and even existing contacts and offer beneficial, life improving products to help them and it is human nature to tell people about something you like, so we naturally pass it on.....

Sound Simple?
It is simple to share and easy to help people feel better, but it takes dedication to help others build their own buying club, their own Shaklee network.

A friend of ours just asked me about how to get he best discount.  Some of the products she wanted to try to not offer an AutoShip discount, so why would she break up her orders into separate monthly shipments and pay monthly shipping?  

Yikes---I failed my job!  She became a member to earn a discount and she loves the products...  Why haven't I told her about the distributor rebate? 

Shaklee offers a Preferred Membership When you qualify--you can earn FREE shipping and more! 
>>Scroll Right to see the comparison>> 

 Thinking you want to help friends and family find their favorite products too?  Shaklee offers a Distributor option too!  Simply become a distributor for $49.95 and become eligible for monthly bonus checks.  When you help people live healthier and meet qualifications--Shaklee will thank  you with a bonus check.  How much is up to you!  Help more people and it grows.  Help others build their own Shaklee group so that they earn a bonus, and Shaklee thanks you for helping them. grow.  It's Simple!

Become a Qualified Distributor and open even more ways to earn!  The program is simple--purchase your distributor kit and at least 1 Success Pack--from the main Welcome tab select Join as a Distributor and it will lead you to the pack selections.  You can now customize your business focus or if you are ALL IN---get the "I want it all pack."

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

MAHMA Time.....

I am ready for some changes!  I am ready to help people get rid of the chemicals in their homes.  I am ready to help young children stay out of the doctor's office.  I am ready to help families ease up the financial strain.  I want to build life-long friendships because of what we can do together!

I have to restate that my boys are my reason for EVERYTHING!!!

I remember sitting on my front porch of our first house telling my mom that the only goal in life I could actually say I had was to become a mom!

In 2004, I had my Joseph, in 2006, my little Jason, and since I wasn't quite done--in 2010, along came Matthew!  The hardest, and most rewarding job I have ever taken on--I wouldn't change it for a minute!  

~I have been searching for just that one photo---imagine it:  tiny painted baby footprints all the way down the hallway, thru the kitchen, around the living room carpet and back....  The day that just won't quit.  I wouldn't give up those days for anything!!!!  They are exhausting at the time, but aren't they fun to laugh at now?~

Being a mom is a 24-hour job!  You are on-call for every need. Uninterrupted sleep is a commodity that is rare to come by.  Hugs and kisses are abundant, so I think it balances out!

Antonio and I decided well before we even thought about having children that we wanted to raise them without daycare, so we sacrificed more sleep and sanity to make it happen.  I took a J-O-B as a customer service rep.  I actually thought it was a factory when I went in--I just needed to make some money and help support my growing family.  Turns out I thought I would be there about 6 months and I lasted over 11 years!  UGH!!  I don't think I would change that either.  I worked just about every shift you can imagine.  Just when I found out about Jason--I was promoted to the 3rd shift supervisor.  I even told my manager at the time that I thought she was crazy---I had a 2 yr old toddler, was pregnant, worked another full-time job during the daytime and she wanted me to stay up ALL night long?  She said I could do it and I believed her.  Turns out--I did it.  I had to modify the schedule to work a little better, but I did it.  Years went by---AND I MISSED THEM!!!

Yes, I was home all day, but I was a zombie.  I got thru each day, heavily caffeinated.  Although I was with my babies all day long, I missed so much!  Antonio and the boys had their very own evening routines.  I loved that they had real private time to just be the boys!  Didn't make it any easier to get messages like these when all I wanted to do was split and run home to play!!

It has taken me YEARS to get it, to understand how much I wanted to be a MAHMA (Mom At Home Making A...Difference!).  We had to make some life changes to make it work.  

So once we secured our new home and were settled in--I quit my job.
Now, that scared the pants off many!  But I finally felt free!

Antonio's pay covers the bills pretty well, but things still get tight!  We have continued working with our landscaping customers, we added apartment renovations to the mix, renovated our own rental home and are now landlords!  To say the least we are not bored often!  Since I left my job I have been focused on my family!  We have had so much fun!  We are home together.  We work together.  We binge watch movies together.  I LOVE EVERY MINUTE!!  We are a team--Team Ocampo!
No matter what we are doing--they are memories.  We try to do "typical" activities too and they just seem to fall flat.  We are not a "typical" kind of crowd.

So far I have enjoyed finally being a real mom!  Fun, cleaning, discipline, homework, lectures (which I was informed I give too many of), hugs and comfort!!

It is time to help other families realize their goals and help them achieve them too!!
Now, that doesn't mean you have to quit your job and stay at home or pick up a hammer to renovate anything.....

What do you want from your life?

➤Better health to enjoy life?
➤More free time?
➤More money to enjoy life?
➤New friends?
➤A purpose in the world to make a difference?
➤More.....(your choice)?

What if you didn't have to pick "~OR~" but could pick "~AND~" instead?  What if you were able to provide better health for your family and help a handful of other families feel better too?  And, what if just doing that put cash in your pocket?  And, what if Sharing just a little more helped pay off bills, save for vacations or stockpile for retirement?  And, what if you could travel for free because you helped families live healthier?  And, what if you could make new friends, like we have, by partnering with a 60+ year old company who has helped thousands of people every year?  What if you could have it all and still have time to spend with your family!  I have always loved the possibilities, but I have not really done a lot to help other families realize their freedom future is waiting for them too! 

I love the quick little video clips that just hit you where you need it.  Eric Worre has been teaching people for many years how to be successful in what they do.  I saw this video on FB and thought it might speak to you too.  Don't be afraid of a Monday!  It is the start of the week to get people motivated not to ever wish for the week to be over again.  More days to enjoy, more memories to make, a new day to grab the financial opportunity that will help your family and your dreams come true!  Take a few minutes to watch this clip and leave a few comments below:

I want to do something AMAZING this year!  My boys are watching and I plan to show them what a rapidly successful life looks like!!  

I already have the best family I could ask for--I just need to share the JOY!!!  Help me by sharing this article with friends and family you think may be looking for something better and invite them to join us in Shaklee!  We are going to do some amazing things--don't miss them!    

We partnered with Shaklee for better health and we are now Building Better Tomorrows for others, so they can enjoy the land of ~AND~ with us!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Can you afford NOT to?

Isn't everyone I know in perfect health?  My experience says no.  But why not......?

I sometimes wonder....

Wouldn't having better health be a good thing?
More energy?
Better Sleep?
Fewer sick days?
More physical strength?
Better mood/ less stress?

What if you could create a healthy supplement program especially designed for you in just 20 questions?  The recommendations are targeted to your specific health improvement goals!!

Worth the the 5 minutes it will take to find out?

I challenge you to take a look.  See how Shaklee can help you amaze yourself in 2017!

Click Here to start ➤ http://bit.ly/PersonalHPScore

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Free is better.....

So, you know I love my Shaklee health!!!  Well, did you know my favorite price is FREE?  Yes, if you ask my kiddos....  They will answer right away!

Who doesn't like a deal?  Who doesn't want to get something they were going to buy for FREE?

     I just got an advertisement from Kohl's---30% off & Kohl's Cash!!  I LOVE Kohl's cash--it seems like free shopping to me.  GREAT advertising and creative suggestions.  It makes me want to go just to see if there is something I could get that I didn't know I wanted.  

Shaklee has a bonus program too....

Buy you Shaklee items and every month you could qualify for a rebate check!  Use it to pay for your products, save it for a rainy day, buy something with it--you decide what's best.

Did you know that Shaklee has over 300 product selections?

Which Products Do You Use?
Why Switch Brands to Shaklee?  …The #1 Natural Nutrition Company, life changing health benefits, cost effective cleaners and so much more, and it's 100% guaranteed!
You can even get your products FREE every month when you “Change Brands” & “Refer Friends!”—ask how J

 Take a few moments to check off each product presently being used by someone in your home on a regular basis.  Shaklee offers a natural, yet powerful alternative to the products you currently use.
Visit www.Ocampos-BBT.myShaklee.com to shop online.

How are they free???
   Every month you purchase products you earn PV points (each product is different).  When you accumulate enough points, you qualify* for a bonus.  *Ask me for full details.  You can accumulate all the points yourself or you can invite others to try the products too.  Every product purchased thru your direct recommendations counts towards your monthly qualification totals.  So if you have 5 friends who all place a basic order-- yours is essentially free.  You may even have extra cash left over.  

Qualifying is simple--
  • Upgrade your membership to Distributor status
  • Use and Share the products
  • Build a consumer group who uses and shares the products

➤Earn a check

HOW MUCH?  That is up to you.

So, you love Shaklee and tell some friends....
    They love Shaklee products and feel terrific so they tell their friends....  
       Their friends start using Shaklee and feel terrific.....
               They share with their friends too, and well, you get the idea.

Without even knowing the next generations--you are helping to change lives!

Now you may just like FREE, so keep earning yours for free and help them earn theirs for free too!  WIN-WIN!!

For anyone who likes the idea of extra cash at the end....  
    Why stop with free?  Why not earn a free car and luxury trips?  Want to eliminate debts or buy something new?  Yes you can!  You simply will need to share Shaklee with more people to earn more of the business bonuses.  The options are endless!  Income Limitless!!  Potential to get everything you dreamed and MORE!!!

Are you ready for my favorite word~FREE?

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Simplicity by design

It seems that I have made this really too difficult.  I have over sold, over thought, over stressed.  

Aren't we all looking for the basics?
  • Shelter
  • Security
  • Acceptance
While I live a little differently than most---I have the same needs and wants.  
      ~I want to be comfortable in a warm home, a working car, with food in the pantry....
      ~I want to be safe inside and outside my home.  I want my children to live with security and love.
      ~I want to belong.  I want people to like me and want to share life with my family.

Now, we all want the above to look a little different.
    Some are focused on moving to the city or out of the city, condo, mansion, vacation homes....  each perfect in their own way.  

We want to enjoy life with peace and love.  We must be the change we want to see.  We must not buy into the negative energy of society as a whole.  We should be building each other up and encouraging everyone that everything will be okay.  Love, understanding, and dedication for a better tomorrow is the responsibility of everyone!  

We want to have friends and laugh often.  We want to be part of a group that is doing what we like, thinking the way we do, striving to make the world better!  

As I set out to "Build Better Tomorrows" I did so with BIG vision.  But my life and perceived limitations got in the way.  They told me that it wasn't possible--it was too BIG.  I stopped dreaming!

I just attended a seminar that reminded me that simplicity is best.  While we all need the same basic necessities--food, water, shelter, however, we all really strive to have more than just the basics.  And...

Nothing has value when you are ill and broke, so let's start there.

We believe that health living has to be a priority.  Getting your physical self ready for all the other wonders of the world!  Wouldn't we like to live in a place we love, eventually our dream home?  Who doesn't want to trade in the clunker we've been driving for ever?  What about being free from financial worries?  Would you love to be able to save for the future?  Would you love to have choices?  What if you were closer to EVERYTHING with just some simple steps?

Good news we have many choices.  When I thought about building a Shaklee business--I wanted to go to the top, and we still do, but I focused on something huge, rather than letting people know that they can achieve all their goals, in just a couple simple steps.

Would you do something differently to get a different result?

Health, Wealth, Dreams, Possibilities.......

        Getting Healthy:  Exercise is a hard one, we don't always have the time or energy, but it could be a building block to get you closer to your goals.  Food should sustain and nourish your body but it shouldn't trap you in it.  
     What if you lost 10-20 pounds over the next several months?  Would more energy, and self confidence feel good?  The Shaklee 180 Turnaround helped me shed nearly 40 pounds.  I kept it off without much effort, unfortunately--I had a delightful summer---picnics, ice cream, treats and lots of indulgences that added a few unwanted pounds back to my waistline.  So, I am on a mission to drop it again.  It is a simple program and I have already seen it work!  

  Weight is a big resolution for most every year, but good health doesn't end with a slimmer waistline.  I just sat down with some dear friends of ours who joined Shaklee a few years ago because of the cleaning products.  They had some health issues and I suggested our beloved Alfalfa.  They invited us for a late Christmas get together and asked that I bring a new catalog with us.  They had some questions.  They both have been taking a few products, but also had some old products they were using up.  When it was time to restock--they wanted to see what Shaklee had to replace brand X.  It turns out they are in love with Alfalfa, they love the Life Shake, they have seen great improvements in energy and now want some additional support to experience full Shaklee health.  They really realized the difference when they stopped taking the Alfalfa.  After years of discomfort, the Alfalfa helped his aching back, but without it for a couple weeks---he said won't go without again.  He sees such a remarkable difference.  That was a huge one for my grandfather too!  Antonio refuses to let me run out of it--it is that important! 

It is an amazing feeling to know that Scour off was the reason we are able to introduce our friends to great health by feeding their bodies with pure, powerful nutrition.  Everything works so well---you just want to see if there are other Shaklee solutions for problems we face.

If you are looking for just a boost in energy, or a solution to a concern I invite you to take the Shaklee Health Print Survey to see how adding healthy nutritional supplements could help you achieve health and energy!  Take a look and I am here to help answer any questions regarding your suggestions:  HealthPrint Survey   

So health is obviously a big one for us.  It tops our list of importance.  But what about the costs?  Aren't financial concerns right up there with new year resolutions.....?  How can we have financial concerns and think about adding Shaklee to our already tight budget?  Now that has been a problem for so many customers.  But would getting all your products for free help?  I haven't really been a good advocate for sharing that portion of this amazing company.  It really can be so easy to get healthy---it only takes a little strategy.  If you knew a friend or family member was looking for a healthy solution--would you share something that works?  Probably, right?  Well Shaklee offers a rebate program for anyone signed up as a distributor.  Now you don't have to go to the extreme and start a full-blown business.  You just have to upgrade your consumer membership to open more channels.  

So, if you could make a change to get new results and the change was free....

Would you make a change to improve your choices?

For nearly 4 years I have enjoyed getting healthier, and slimmer for virtually FREE!!  There have been some months that there were small costs that weren't covered, but it makes it so much easier not to worry about the costs!  They only way I have been able to enjoy free products is because I love my friends and wanted to share the better products with them too, so they can build a better tomorrow for their family as well!  

What happened with sharing products I love was I surrounded myself with people who were looking for more options.  I have made friends who became customers, I have had customers become friends.  I have even made tremendous friendships with other Shaklee folks!  It feels amazing!  

Simplicity by design.....  Love your friends?  Of course we do!  Well when you help them live better, you are rewarded.  If you like the extra discounts, help more.  Satisfied with free?  GREAT!!!  Want to pay a debt or save for a big ticket item?  Want additional cash to make it happen?  Help more people.  No, I don't think everyone has to be making presentations and booking hotels for conferences--I think that we should all LOVE more people.  It isn't about how much you sell, it is about how many people you help.  Just a simple introduction to a wonderful Shaklee solution could change someone's life.  Better health leads to better options, better options lead to bigger dreams, bigger dreams lead to bigger accomplishments, bigger accomplishments lead to more choices.  It is a good thing!  

  YEP, that sounds like a leap!  It can be at times.  Antonio really didn't want anything to do with Shaklee, including the cleaners for YEARS before he finally broke down and gave them a "whatever" shot.  He is an ultimate fan!  He loves how he feels.  He lost weight and loves how he looks.  He isn't sacrificing to pay for the products, so we are ALL IN!!  It spurred a desire of mine to be a stay-at-home mom.  I still do plenty of "work," but I am also able to put aside the schedule to attend programs, parties, practice, and club meetings with my boys.  It makes it so special!  Time with my quickly growing boys is limited.  They are already planning their futures and they don't include me.  It is tough to realize that shortly they will be off building their own dreams!  They will be building families and businesses all their own.  For now I am treasuring being able to spend every moment with them.  It hated being at work during the special moments.  Owning my Shaklee business allows be to fulfill a very important goal--being a great mom.  They are terrific supporters!  Whenever they have a stressor--they look for a Shaklee solution.  Colds, what colds.  They take their supplements to guard off the germs.  When they don't catch it in time--they are healthy again without even thinking.  They bounce back quickly, thanks in part to strong, healthy immunity! 

Monday, October 10, 2016

What's your MAHMA Dream?

What is your MAHMA Dream?

~Mom At Home Making A... Dream~

   At a very young age I knew I wanted to be a mom.  I wanted little people to share my life with.  I looked forward to the sleepless nights, the laughter and days playing at the park.  I didn't know what the future looked like, but I knew what it would feel like.  That passion for my babies has never changed.  As I was blessed with 1, 2, and then #3--the pride only got stronger.  I was proud of my children.  I am overjoyed to be called mom!  I feel blessed each day to have such wonderful little men!  
   So, when you start a family---you add expenses, you add responsibilities, you add new stresses and unexplainable joys!  I worked like a mad woman!   I waited tables, mowed lawns, I answered phones, kissed boo-boos, read stories, and took care of our house.....  all on just a few hours sleep and started it all over the next day.  Sacrificing to say the least.  I wanted my babies to have a safe, solid home, but year after year--the responsibilities got bigger, the income seemed to get smaller and we weren't really happy!

   I was as close to my boys as possible, but WOW, did I miss a ton!  I missed great times at the park, I missed all of soccer season (twice).  I just couldn't afford to miss work, so I missed time with my babies instead.  

   We were working really hard to get ourselves out of debt and to work on a plan to move to a nicer neighborhood.  God blessed us with a job that we were able to earn enough to put down a good down-payment for our new home.  A home is where your heart is--for sure!  
  With a new place to safely raise our babies--it was time I come home too!  I left the corporate work world to start a new adventure.  I had been slowly building my Shaklee business and it was time to share that dream with other families.  

  We traded the long work hours with a tiny paycheck for long hours with our family and a paycheck that grows with every new share.  Our health has changed for the better, so why wouldn't we want to share it with new people?  We did and they began to live healthier too!  AWESOME!!  We were able to share with people and increase our business in rank, in income and what if we want to take the summer off?  WE DID!!  We just stopped actively looking for new friends and members.  We just enjoyed the time with our boys.  We actually had increased sales over the summer--we weren't working, but made more?  That isn't the typical 9 to 5 structure.  Take additional time off work---pay goes down, not up.  I love that we can balance important life events with conference calls, FB events, and programs.  We don't have to schedule ourselves solid and leave little time making memories.  We get to do both!

  When we need something more--we need to dream it, do it and achieve it!  

  Nothing is just free and easy...  Nothing comes without effort.  It takes time and energy to reach new people on a daily basis.  We need to share products that truly do make a difference in lives.  We have to share with other people the option to make a living from home, on your time, on your terms.  Want to grow quickly--yes you can!  Want to take time and build solid relationships that will support your business--yes you can!  Want to build relationships, increase business and create memories--yes you can!!

  We are growing.  We are improving our lives as we teach our boys what life really can be about.  It isn't about who you can work for.  It isn't really about how much they pay.  It is about who you are, what your good at, who you care about and how you can make the world a better place for everyone!    The lessons our boys are learning couldn't be taught watching us work so hard for someone else's dreams!  We needed to design our own dream and make a path that leads us there and beyond.  I love that about this business.  I get to include my children in every step.  They are here to support me when I get a new customer or a member decides to start sharing too.  I have a goal to share Shaklee with 15 new people a month and to invite 1 new person to upgrade or sponsor as a distributor.  It will change the lives of hundreds, maybe even touching thousands with just one simple introduction.

  We welcome you to message us and set up a time to learn more about how your family could benefit too!  

 Let's talk soon!
We'll talk soon.


Monday, September 19, 2016

Tokyo in 2020??

Sure, why not?

Antonio and I are really trying to show our children that ANYTHING is possible.  All we have to do is make the goal and get to work!!  My babies are really good at visualizing their dreams.  We have had many goal boards over the years.  They draw out their plans and it is amazing how quickly they can check them off their lists!  It becomes something I want more than they do.  I want to make the magic work and see each and every dream become REALITY!!

We have had such a variety of items on the lists over the years---

  • A bunk bed
  • Four-wheelers
  • Trips
  • Gaming consoles
  • A new house
I came home to find this new list going in Joseph's room.  I LOVE that they see the power in writing their goals down and that they get so excited to be able to mark them completed!!  He even has spaces for goals he hasn't dreamed of yet!!

We were all in the car this week and Joseph made a new goal---Tokyo in 2020.....

WHY NOT??  Just $1500 at today's rates.....  AWESOMENESS!!

We were just talking about visiting China some day and Japan came up---so let's see how we make that one a reality!!

Enriching our lives with new experiences and new friends along the way.......  YES SIR!!

I guess I need to help more people achieve their goals--health and financial!!  Everyone can come with us to Tokyo or wherever your goals lead you!