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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Make a difference and additional Income

 Make a difference and EARN

Simple ways to make a difference!

If you have a great meal or see a great movie--would you tell others?

That is all the we do!  We listen, share, and teach others to share too.  
We are Building Better Tomorrows (#BBT) for families.

Take a look at how simple it is.  
Your friends and clients are sharing needs everyday that Shaklee can help with.

Why not introduce Shaklee to them and earn income EVERY time they use a Shaklee product.
You even get paid when they tell someone else, even if you don't know them!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Impossibilities become Possibilities.....

Have you ever wondered what it would be like?  What if?  

How many people do you know that were born with silver spoons in their mouths?  Do you know anyone who "just made it" over night?  

Quite likely, NO.  The truth of success isn't luck, genetics or knowing the right people.  Every new idea, new success, new goal achieved comes with effort.

There must be action to get results.  So why aren't we all super successful?  We are stuck!  We stop ourselves short of the success we desire.  We buy into the wrong ideas.  We share the wrong ideas.  We show the world that we are not ready.

Do you know anyone in business who has given up?  Someone who thinks it is too hard?  I do.  I have been that person.  I love what I do.  I know there is a huge future for me and my family, but I often think it isn't working.  I feel the failures.  I know that I have potential, but too often I don't see the results I want.


 Antonio and I did a program nearly 2 years ago.  Not a single person was interested.  They weren't ready.  They didn't need better health at the time.  We accepted their reasons and continued to share our story.  While we meet people who could use what Shaklee offers every day, not everyone is ready.
I had a friend who told me that "it isn't about my timing--it was about hers."  
As I wonder if I am making the right choices, I am so excited when God tells me YES!!!  The party has been long off our radar, yet in just the last week, 3 new guests have decided it is their time!  We welcomed 3 new people into are family this week.  Not because we are sales people, but because we shared hope.  When the need for improved health arose, they thought of us.

That is exactly why I know I am doing the right thing.  We are able to show families that there is hope for a Better Tomorrow.  We are able to help families live without pain, discomfort, allergies, asthma, arthritis, skin issues, memory issues.....  You may not think of asthma being life changing.  I would have NEVER thought cholesterol would be a life changer for us.

I have very large goals for my family.  I want to make a ton of memories along the way.  I want to make sure that they are safe, healthy, successful and proud of who they are.  I chose a long time ago that I would be directly the one to raise my babies.  When our lives changed by adding Shaklee into Antonio's daily routine--everything improved.  We began to see the impossible as possible.  How can we continue to raise our children, yet increase our income to cover the costs of life, entertainment and education?  Shaklee was the answer on so many levels.  We have been able to purchase a new home that is simply perfect.  I have been able to be a full-time stay at home mom for over a year.  We are so excited to know that by helping other families get a better future too---we will be able to enjoy our dream life too.  Better health, more income, a better way to show how anything you put your mind to is possible.  We are working on a new, free, car.  We are planning new vacations and a home renovation.  We are working towards options.  Nothing is too far away.  We are focusing on building a really big family!  One filled with people all looking for the same brighter future.

Do you know anyone who could use a brighter future--  
one designed by their own desire and goals?

Monday, November 9, 2015

Gracious Living.....

How can we have very little, yet be so gracious for all we have?  Life has been full of little lessons.  

Have you ever been on the right path--only to wash the sands wash away right underneath you?

     Over the past year I have had a number of losses, accompanied by tremendous gains!  In order to live a better life my husband and I decided to give up a significant amount of income and focus on our future.  Giving up a full-time position of over 11 years and closing the doors to our landscaping company wasn't easy.  We have enjoyed so many blessings with them.  We have met financial and social responsibilities by working both day and night.  The acceptable employee/ employer status was killing us.  Physically we were exhausted.  Mentally we were beat.  Antonio and I were doing the right thing by working hard, but it didn't happen without routine sacrifice.
      I have often been questioned as to why I continued....  Sometimes it takes the right circumstances to make the jump right.  Antonio and I look to God for guidance.  We have been so blessed over the years.  We have never been truly hungry.  We have always had a roof or two to live under.  We seem to always have exactly what we need, exactly when we need it.  We know that there is no Earthly way that some that some of the bills were paid, so we have to offer our gratitude to God for always making a way to make sure everything stays okay!

     We have recently been helping some friends thru a difficult time.  It has been an amazingly rewarding relationship.  Have you ever helped someone but ended up being the one blessed?  With every new experience we try to instill value in our boys.  We have been able to grow as a family.  The self-pride and honor that my boys feel anytime we finish a job glows from them.  We watch the boys stand a little taller when they are able to show off their ideas, or to introduce a new invention or drawing.  It is an amazing journey to stand with my boys and see what life will offer to them.

     In our family we try to focus on the blessings.  If at any time we feel like we are in charge--we have to remember that every experience is a gift.  Sometimes it takes difficult experiences to show the true fortunes.  I am so grateful for the blessing that I have always been a full-time mom (with a full-time company and J-O-B too).  There have been very little hours to stop and breathe, but I wouldn't have changed a minute of it.  My boys knew why I left them each night.  They knew that working was important, but now that I no longer have to "go to work" they still see the value of the moments I have to pull away from family activities.

     It is so exciting to see how excited my boys are for the untold future.  When there is no remote avenue open--my boys arrive at the successful ending without a single question.  They already know what it will feel like to serve their very first plate of food from their very own restaurant.  They know how their newly designed Lamborghini will feel on the road.  They can feel it, they can smell it.  I get so anxious to see the future unfold exactly as they desire.  I pray daily that they feel their power grow with the decisions they take.  I know they are all so capable of great things.
     Have you ever had a moment in life that just marks the moment that life changed?  As I think about it.....  Last year as we were house shopping I think my favorite moment was when we were touring a huge home that had all we needed and then some.  It was a huge home, beautiful finishes, a large yard, a pool, and space to grow.  My little Joseph looked over at me and said it was nice but not "the one."  I asked why.  He said mom, it is way too big--we would never see each other.  That was a big moment for me.  My family means more that anything.  To know that my oldest doesn't want more personal space, but more family space is an amazing treasure for me.  We found a small home that won't win awards, but you couldn't show me a more perfect place to raise my 3 men.  They are doing so well here.  We don't have the fanciest, the biggest, the most posh life, but we value every experience, every item we have.  I just hope that all the gifts that God has place in our lives will be used with the gratitude and honor each opportunity and experience deserve.

     No matter where you find yourself in life.  Look at the things and people in your life and be grateful for them.  Provide a new value to every person that crosses your path.  Every new person with every new experience adds together to make an exponential change.

     The rough roads make the smooth days so much sweeter!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How can we stay put, yet think life will change?

Is it possible to do what "you have always done" and get something new out of it?

     I am learning day by day how much I wish I would have moved a little faster, changed a little faster, and dreamed a little bigger!!  

     I wouldn't change many of my life's experiences--yet I may have skipped a few of the more challenging trials.  Really, I have to thank God for each and every one of them!!  There are things in life that have hurt, experiences I wish I didn't have to walk thru, but every one of them made me stronger.  Each had a bigger purpose for me.  It seems to be difficult to learn from the mistakes or lessons that just don't seem fair....  But that is what I strive to do.  Find a way to learn something meaningful from everything.  I hate to admit, but I have lived on autopilot for years!  I didn't have the strength or the courage to reach higher.  I was working very long hours so  that my biggest desire would not get lost.  I have always wanted to be a great mom.  Antonio and I decided long before our first child that we would not send them to daycare.  They would be raised by us.  We have had LOTS of help from my mother over the years, who actually calls us to see if she can take the boys for the weekend.  We rarely resist---LOL.  The boys bring such joy to others it isn't odd for people to stop us at a store or restaurant and compliment them.  But in the 11 year since I became a mother I have only had 1 non-family babysitter watch my boys.  That was tough for me, but our entire family attended a Shaklee conference together and the boys would have been too restless all day, so we hired a girl and her mother to come to the hotel and watch the boys.  That was quite a blessing.  The mother again had to compliment our boys.  

     I can't say I was the best mom, because I was always tired.  I got up, but didn't have extra energy to be me.  I worked a late shift for over 11 years so that I could stay home and care for my boys during the day and when I left for work---it was daddy time!  My boys have had a very unique upbringing.  Antonio and I are very strict AND very free-wheeling parents, all at the same time.  My children have all the freedoms they could ask for, yet they better sit straight, say please and thank you, and remember to show respect to everyone they encounter.  It brings me such joy to see how well they are thriving.  I find myself apologizing to them for not succeeding fast enough.  I wish I could turn back the hands of time and find the clarity I wanted so long ago.  They tell me they wouldn't want it any other way!!

     I think it is amazing the lessons we can learn from children, when we move out of our own way!  My boys are creating their futures NOW!!  They are dreaming, designing and planning for their futures. 

 Dr. Shaklee was quoted saying "Your future life will be exactly what you decide to make it."  That couldn't ring more true! 

     My boys don't place limitations on their dreams!  They don't even consider failure is an option.  They want to go places they have only heard about.  My youngest (at 5) has already started planning for his future wife and 4 children.  It is so funny to hear him talk about them--they are real, as if they already exist.  So if children can plan and dream for the future...  Why do we as adults hold ourselves back?

     I believe I let my circumstances direct my outcome, rather than driving my circumstances to lead to the outcome I wanted.  In just a couple weeks from now--I will have been J-O-B free for a year!  Now I jumped with no safety nets and no real idea where I was going.  All I knew was that I had to make a change or I would miss it all!!!!

     In the past year I have to say I am the happiest I have EVER been!  We moved into our new home (our little private park) a year+ ago.  It isn't flashy; it won't impress everyone, but it is PERFECT for us.  We love our home and all that resides in it.  The joy that this place brings us is pure.  

     I can breathe free here.  I hate to think about the boundaries I placed on our family.  We have had difficult times along with fantastic times, but we lived as if the life we had was it.  They salary I was "given," the hours I was offered, the position I earned and the home we owned was it.  There wasn't anything else.  We couldn't change the outcome without turning our family life upside-down.  So I turned it on its head!!! I quit my job.  I don't regret it!!  

     When I realized that my future was worth more--I got excited.  I think as a family we now have options!!  We are closing down our landscaping business at the end of the season and couldn't be happier about it.  When we gave up our time to work long hours all weekend long we made memories, but we also missed a lot.  The most blessed part of our current life is that with the loss of 2 significant income streams this year, we are thriving!!  Thanks go to God for always providing the necessary income and provisions for our family.  Life is peaceful.  Life is FULL.  We are able to enjoy every event with our boys and for the first time ever Antonio was able to attend one of our son's entire birthday party.  He always had to work and usually arrived home as the guests were about to leave.  Not anymore.  We are so blessed that our Shaklee dreams and our motivation to move ahead in life afford us not just income, but freedom to live and enjoy the income. 

      Why Shaklee?  I didn't see Shaklee for what it is for way too many years.  Antonio's health problems almost cost him his life.  We look back at those days and I have to be grateful.  The day he thought he was going to die was the day we began to live!!!!  Antonio called my mother (who raised me and my sisters with her Shaklee business) and in a last ditch effort asked what Shaklee could do for him.  After medical treatments for a almost 2 years weren't working,  the Shaklee food supplements brought his blood work to completely normal range--in just ONE MONTH!

     We decided we had to start telling people.  Keeping it to ourselves would simply rob them of the health freedom.  We aren't pushy.  We aren't demanding--we aren't even motivated to make the "sale."  We are obligated to let you know.  There are better options.  Knowing that Shaklee products are SAFE and that they WORK we are confident in sharing them.  I introduced Shaklee to a group of friends and it wasn't until nearly 2 years later that one of them asked me to order some for her.  I was so surprised.  I figured she wasn't interested.  I asked her why?  Her response has stuck with me every time I share our story.  "I wasn't ready back then, but I am now.  Remember it isn't about your timing--it's about mine."  We can only share the story, offer the products or invite others to join us in helping others, while earning an income for sharing.  Then we wait.  It may be a NO, it may be a not right now, or maybe 2 years later the need arises and they remember us.  

     When I was sponsored into Shaklee, I wasn't ready either.  I had lived a Shaklee lifestyle, but I couldn't see how I fit in.  It took many different lessons to teach me that I am a Shaklee MAHMA--A Mom at home making a difference!! #ProudMAHMA  The goals and dreams of my little boys motivate me more each day!  I can't wait to see their dreams become reality.  Finances are always going to play a part in life.  Our financial goals are to share better health and lifestyle with enough families who are ready to make a change now, that financial factors won't need to be considered before making a choice to live or let it pass by.  Our family is motivated to make the most out of every day.  With God's guidance and encouragement along the way---no road block or stumbling block will hold us back.  BETTER HEALTH   BETTER INCOME   BETTER LIFESTYLE  MORE LIFE!!!

     You are welcome to join us in the journey!


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"A DREAM so big it scares you?"

We just attended a program this weekend that encouraged us to DREAM big.  They encouraged us to make the dream something so BIG it was scary--scary to think how on Earth you could achieve it.  And, so exciting to that you'll cry when it comes true.

I am a VERY simple lady.  I find joy in the little things.  When they asked us to draw up some dreams, I couldn't think of any.  I have the best family I could ask for.  My husband is such a hard working man!  He has helped me reach the goal of staying home with my boys full-time.  We travel together doing presentations and sharing our love for Shaklee with other families; a true team effort. Our goals are the same--raise a wonderful family, enjoy the journey and help others find their joy too.  We certainly could use a new fleet of vehicles, but it isn't a dream.  Our cars are working just fine for now & no car payments!!  I don't have a "dream" vehicle in mind.  Although my kids sure do--a Lamborghini Veneno.  (I couldn't begin to tell you all they know about that vehicle.)  We recently moved to our own personal "park."  All five of us love this place.  The peace and serenity we all feel is amazing.  Now that doesn't mean there aren't a few changes we would like to make....  Maybe some MAJOR changes.  I shared the dream renovation and they laughed....  too much money and too much work to attempt to modify the home the way I want.  That, I think, qualifies as a BIG dream.  Something so outrageous that is doesn't seem possible.  It doesn't make sense; but wouldn't it be thrilling to make it happen?  I started thinking about reality.  Reality is designed to keep us content--just enough food, shelter and amenities to keep us satisfied.  I am tired of JUST ENOUGH!!!  Aren't you?

I am running really fast towards 40 and I want MORE!!  I want more free time to enjoy my family.  I want more financial independence to entertain us even more, and I want to be free from making financial trade offs.  I want to buy or do something because I want it, not based on how much it will cost.  A life like that is totally foreign to my current stage in life.  Just imagine earning enough to enjoy and do anything you desire.....

So I started thinking about my BIG DREAM....

If the dreams are to be BIG and they should continue to support my goals in life of raising a wonderful family, enjoying the time we have together and helping others achieve their goals too....  I need money--LOTS OF EXTRA MONEY!!

Then I started to think--"How much?"

$50,000 extra would certainly help, but it isn't BIG enough.
$100,000 would replace our incomes and we could live comfortably, but it won't afford us the full DREAM.
So I started thinking BIGGER.  What is a number that scares YOU?  I don't have any idea how to achieve it, but now starts the planning stage.  What will it take for my family to make $100,000, a month?  Yes $1.2 million a year+.  If that isn't a scary number--I don't know what is.  That doesn't seem remotely possible.  Making that kind of money a year would certainly change circumstances, but a MONTH?  Could I be insane----NOPE!!  Joseph and I have been talking about the possibilities--fun trips, private jets, vacation homes, fun fast toys, home renovations that include every element we could come up with....  I started to DREAM BIG and realized that others are already doing it.  A man I just adore is in his late 70's or early 80's and he is enjoying the life I want!  I have heard him speak several times and even rode down the escalator with him at one of our conventions.  I felt like I was standing with a rock star.  He was a gentle, kind man--just sharing the same message of hope, health and independence  that Antonio and I are sharing.  So if he can do it, why not us--OR YOU?

I would like to introduce you to a couple short videos that share the story of possiblities.  These families have made such an impact on the lives of others that they are being rewarded with a lifestyle I want to copy.  They have helped other people live healthier and more financially secure and Al continues to earn even though he has been retired for many, many years.  He certainly isn't worried about social security and medicare benefits carrying him thru the golden years.

I hope you enjoy him as much as I do.  Leave some comments about your BIG DREAMS--what would make a huge impact on your family and finances?

Al Hagerman tells about his Shaklee earnings....Watch Here and tell me what you think.

Here is a more recent video with many others sharing how their lives have been improved by partnering with Shaklee.  Take a look.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

NEVER in a Million years....Oh wait!!

My graduation class is getting ready for our upcoming 20th reunion.  Of course you start to see names you haven't heard of in years...  You (I) take a look at their profile and scan thru photos.  You check to see where they live, if they are married and have kids.  Photos are interesting!!  We try to see what kind of life they lead.  We look at their career listings and aren't we surprised?  I was just washing lunch dishes and started thinking about a very shy girl in school who is a lawyer.  I thought to myself she must have had a tiger hiding under her quiet demeanor.  I think you would have to be able to lay it on the table to defend or prosecute a client.  I started thinking I would never have guessed that would be her career......  THEN, I started thinking about myself.  "NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS!!!!"

I am a GRAND 5' tall.  No matter what "look" I go for I always look about 12--16 if I am pushing it.  I have to laugh at my crazy resume.  I have had a variety of experiences along the way.  I worked for myself cleaning from 16 thru college graduation then a bit before my first child was born.  I worked a while in a few offices, and then my husband had an idea to become long haul truck drivers!


I couldn't believe my ears when he brought up the idea.  How would I ever be able to do it!!  I had every excuse in the world why I couldn't be a truck driver.....  Well, my mom, her husband and my husband sat in the living room to convince me of all the reasons why I should.  PEER PRESSURE!!  They painted a luxury picture of all the beautiful places we would see.  They convinced me that we could bank away a ton of money.  My husband made sure I got all the encouragement I needed.  He believed in me.  How could I argue--I can do anything!  Finally I agreed---if he was in charge of backing!

It turns out that the years we spent trucking products from one side of the country to the other every couple days was one of the most amazing adventures.  And I was really good at it!  Our most typical route was Connecticut to L.A.  We ended up visiting every state except Vermont in the lower 48 (too late and dark for the hills, we just wanted to get to a major highway again), Canada x3 and even took a couple loads to the Mexican border.  We lived in a tiny little space together, but rarely crossed paths.  We each drove 10 hours at a time.  We would stop for fuel, showers, dinner and back on the road.  I would often stay up a while so that we could talk a little before I headed to bed.  We were able to meet up with friends and family in places all across the country.  We parked in rest areas and they came to pick us up.  We parked on the street directly in front of their homes, trailer and all.  We can actually say it was so much fun.  We have some great adventure stories.  Would I do it again?  NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS!!  Well, if things were right--I could!  After it was time to hang up our keys--I didn't care, I stopped waking Antonio up to get in the tight spots.  I whipped that trailer in any spot I needed.  The big men that watched me would gasp when I hopped out of the cab.  "How do you drive that thing?"  Honestly, I hated the comments---Can you see?  How old are you?  A weigh station officer had me come inside to call Ohio and confirm my license wasn't registered to my mother.  I loved how awesome I was!  They couldn't believe little old me was able to handle myself so well.  I surprised myself too!  Watch out--I was a beast!

Once we were out of the trucking industry, we were on hold for a while until the weather broke so we could start our landscaping company.  So to keep me occupied, I applied at what I thought was a factory.  I just wanted to punch a clock and get out.  I planned to stay for 6 months.  It turned out to be a call center and within a month--I found out I was pregnant.  What was supposed to be a 6-month bank account padder turned into 11 years!  I hated the job!  It was awful.  Who likes being a nobody?  The strict rules and harsh environment was defeating.  The people I worked with were just as unhappy.  What do you do when the job itself would be okay, but the management stinks?  Join them?  NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS!  My manager at the time was one of the greatest ladies.  Another girl and I were her unofficial assistants.  We rarely did our jobs; we worked daily to help her with random tasks around the office.  Then one night she pulled me in the office.  I would like to promote you to the 3rd shift supervisor.  When can you start?  NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS!  I was at the time a few months pregnant.  How on Earth would I be able to handle 3rd shift, pregnant and still mow/ mulch all day long?  She fed me the encouragement I needed.  I believe in you.  I know you are the right person for the job and I know that you will make it work.  So I jumped in, then I QUIT!  I was a zombie by 3am.  How could I possibly make it until 6a?  She wouldn't let me give up, so we adjusted my hours to something a little less daunting.  I loved my team.  We had so much fun, even though I was the enemy (the boss).  My team even threw me an amazing baby shower, right on the floor.  We passed treats up and down the aisle between calls.  They all brought the baby presents and made sure I knew that we were more than co-workers--we were friends.  That was the biggest blessing of that J-O-B--the people I met and became friends with over the years is priceless.  I talked to everyone!  I wandered around and visited with my friends all night long.  After a while the schedule became too much.  Two babies under 2, a full-time landscaping career by day and the full-time 3rd shift position by night....  Something had to go.  I was able to change positions, yet retain my managerial status.

As it turns out, it was a great schedule fit BUT, I was in charge of ruining people's lives.  I loved my teams, but my job required me to document and track EVERY mistake ever made.  I was the last link between harmony and the unemployment line.  I had to laugh when I ran into a girl from my old team whom I hadn't seen in a while.  She was surprised I still worked there, since she hadn't seen me.  I told her I was still there, but I was the person everyone one hated.  The team called me OZ.  I was the one behind the wall that could, like magic, create documents to terminate and associate.  She looked at me and said--no one hates you--you are awesome.  I told her the position I moved to and the look on her face was priceless.  Oh, I see, we do hate you, but not YOU ;).  I didn't get to set policy; I just had to enforce it.  I did what I could to make sure that everyone was treated with fairness and honesty.  I was talking with an old teammate when I had to address an open violation with a girl sitting close.  I asked her to correct the situation.  She looked at me and said, "who's going to catch me--you?"  I had to laugh when my friend informed her of who I was.  That sneaky wizard that doesn't just hide behind my desk--good old OZ in action.  Some of the rules in the beginning were so off the wall, it was hard to do my job--you must have socks or stockings or be sent home and written up.....  I HATED some of the nonsense.  I have such great memories, yet knew that everything I was obligated to complete was against my personal core values.  I did the BEST I could with what was available to me.  I was the first to admit mistakes and make them right, but it just wasn't enough.  I wasn't using my life for anything good; I was just trading my time for a very small paycheck.  This job became a security blanket.  I was good at my job; it fit my needs at the time, so how could I manage without it?  A chain of events led to my resignation.  Finally, I was going to do something GOOD!!

Antonio and I continued to work with our landscaping clients.  We look at what we built from nothing and are truly proud!  We didn't know anyone in this city, yet have been successful for the past 13 years.  Just like the trucking days, when we got started--I wasn't on board.  NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS was "landscaper" on the bucket list.  We still have a client that was one of our very first and has provided us with the most referrals out of any.  He told me once that our flyer came at the perfect timing.  He wasn't sure he was going to hire us until our meeting.  I don't remember it at all, but apparently he asked me something about his grass and I got down on my knees and checked it out.  He said that he knew that we were the company for him.  He let us go one season to save on expenses, only to call us back after 3 weeks.  "Are you speaking to me?  I need you back.  The other "cheaper" company is ruining my property.  You have always taken care of my property--just the way I like it.  I guess I got what I asked for when I switched--cheap."  We have been so fortunate over the years.  Even though I never thought I would do this, it has become such a blessing to our family.  Our boys play mowing all day long.  My middle boy owns our equipment.  It was given to him for his 5th birthday.  They have been with us on so many jobs.  Our clients always come out to compliment them.  They are such professionals.  They work alongside the big men and other than their small stature, you wouldn't know.  They take their responsibilities so seriously.  The kids all have duties when we arrive home to help us unload the trailers.  It is so much fun watching them realize how much effort it takes to create an income, manage employees and deal with difficult clients.  We are in it together!

Since leaving my J-O-B in the fall last year, life has only gotten sweeter.  We are finally able to enjoy being a family.  Where Antonio and I often met in the driveway to swap roles, we are now able to have dinner together, have fun movie nights, go swimming and so much that we have missed being parents on opposite schedules.  We bought a new home just about a year ago.  My boys came with me on the 2-year house hunt and once we found the one, they were with me for all the inspections and trips to the bank.  It was a long stressful process but one I was so fortunate to share with my boys!
My oldest two have been home schooled for the past two years.  That is another thing I thought NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS I would do.  I wasn't interested in being a teacher.  Pulling them from private school was selfish so we could save more for the new house, but it turned into the GREATEST blessing for our family.  I was able to help address some education deficits and helped crazy concepts make sense.  Having my babies home with me all day long and not having to leave them in the evening has been amazing.  I realize that I missed a ton.  I provided a bit of money to the family budget, but I lost time that I can't get back.  We were able to really get connected for the past 2 years, and now without the late nights--I am able to wake up refreshed and function without being cranky all day.  Since we are in a completely new town and don't have any friends local, all 3 boys are starting public school in a couple weeks.  So starts a new adventure.  The boys are so excited!  I am more proud every day!  They are such good kids.  I can't wait to see where their adventures lead them.  Joseph is dreaming of owning a restaurant, Jason as decided he wants to be an engineer for Lamborghini in Italy and Matthew is just getting ready to stay out of the principal’s office.  We hope!

So here comes the next NEVER IN A MILLION adventure.  As I washed dishes today thinking about all this history I started to laugh.  I never had any desire to start a Shaklee business.  It was just never on any radar I had.  My mom has been a distributor for 34+ years.  It was never something I thought about doing.......Oh wait!!  As I thought about it today, I think it is actually they only thing I have always done.  I was thinking about all the speeches I gave in high school and college.  They were always related to Shaklee.  I did one of my final Marketing presentations on a current product being introduced in a new market--Shaklee's sports drink.  I have been giving Shaklee presentations my entire life.  My mom says I would have a group of friends over and we would talk Shaklee.  When I started my cleaning service at 16.... I brought my own Shaklee supplies and educated my clients as to why their chemical cleaners were harmful to their health.  I just didn't realize why it was so important until a couple years ago.

My husband's health was getting SO bad that I was actually just waiting to receive a call that he wouldn't be coming home again.  As a result of a car accident (and 1.5 years under strict doctor's care), I almost lost him.  There was nothing funny about our situation, but we laugh now that had he not gotten so bad, he would have probably NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS tried Shaklee.  He was a very big skeptic.  It took a life threatening event to really wake him up.  Even though he decided to try Shaklee, he ONLY did it because he felt he had no other viable options.  So he gave one last ditch effort to save his life.  To his surprise and my delight, his blood work went from sky high to completely normal in 1 month and 5 days (if you ask him).  I have always used the products, but never had a BIG personal health story to share.  When we realized that the products weren't just "another thing to try" and that they had actually saved his life, we knew we had a responsibility to tell everyone.  So we started sharing his story with people.  We shared it with so many people that Shaklee recognized us with being Star Achievers and I was promoted in my business.  I love what I do.  Where I spent my days documenting the demise of careers, now I have the pleasure of sharing a success story to inspire others to live happier, healthier, more prosperous lives.  How could we stay quiet and keep this to ourselves?  Our life improved dramatically when we added Shaklee to our everyday life.  When I really realized that by helping other people live better and help them avoid the torture we suffered with Antonio's health problems that we could also earn an income--we felt at home!  We are able to do something important for families like ours.  We love our family more than anything else in life.  A prestigious career but poor health isn't a life.  Poverty with great health isn't the answer either.  There has to be a balance.  We look at life and laugh.  There are so many styles to live by.  You can compete with the Jones's.  You can do your own thing.  You can sit in the darkness not sure of where you fit.  We have decided to live life on purpose, building better tomorrows.  It took us wearing many different hats to find the right one, but we are here.  We have a wonderful family, our bodies are strong, our minds sharp, and we now have a powerful mission to carry us down the path of life.

"We are dedicated to help people live happier, healthier, more prosperous lives!"