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Friday, February 5, 2016

What's in it for you?

What do you really want from life?

Now, there are no magic tricks, no quick fixes.  Desire needs to be followed up by action.  But what do you really desire?

It isn't about what the people around you think is best.  What would fill your empty spaces?

I want you to know that you CAN have that....

  • Better Health
  • Better relationships
  • More energy
  • More confidence
  • More free-time
  • More MONEY
  • Luxury Vacations--paid!
  • A new car--paid!
  • Less Stress
  • More time to be YOU

I love to share videos that come from people's hearts.  Every person wants something different on the list, but the desires all come from the heart.  Sometimes we are able to have all we want within a traditional  9 to 5 lifestyle.  For our family, it paid the bills, but put all the rest of the desires on the back burner.  We aren't living a "perfect" life--it is just better.  I am a mom, a business owner and a partner to many on a healthier & wealthier journey.  What we do makes a difference--that feels good!

If any of these stories speak to your heart--contact me.  I would love to share what we do and if you find it could help get you to your ideal YOU.  Welcome aboard. 

BUT HOW???? This is a favorite, cute little video to show how natural it is to share and then earn an income for helping others. Enjoy and feel free to ask questions.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

No, Yes, Not right now.....

I have been sharing my Shaklee story for many years now.  When I invite new people to try Shaklee in their lives I get a variety of answers..

What are they responding to?  Me?  The product?  
The opportunity?  The possibilities?

I have heard a variety of answers and sometimes--no answer at all.  All I can do is share the information and let you decide.  I share a story often.  A friend of mine attended a Shaklee program with a group of friends.  She thanked me for inviting her and I heard nothing else.  We saw each other daily, and I always had a Shaklee story or snack to share, but she never showed any interest.  I didn't pressure her--I understood she wasn't interested.  Until one evening....  She came to my desk at work and asked if I had and supplies.  I thought she needed a paperclip or stapler.  No, I mean that stuff you told us about at your house.  I looked puzzled.  It had been over a year.  I figured it wasn't for her and let it be a no.  She explained she wanted to get some vitamins for her son and her husband.  I looked at her and said I thought you weren't interested.  What she said next has stuck with me for years.....  "I wasn't back then, but things have changed and I would like to get started.  Remember that it is about my timing, not yours."  Her words stay with me every time I share with someone.  I want people to be happy and healthy, but especially with my husband's lack of interest at first--I know that it doesn't matter how much I want it for someone else---it will only be important when it is right for them!

This is evident this week.  I met a woman back in October, we spoke and she got started and became a member.  We just touched base this week and to my surprise--she is ready to place an order for herself and her mother.  She also would like to be become a Shaklee Distributor.  Now I shared with her the options that Shaklee offers and at the time she felt that becoming a member and experiencing the products were the way to go.  It is an amazing feeling when I am able to share products that really can make a difference for people and when things change--Shaklee becomes a solution for a variety of problems.  Sometimes it isn't just about sharing a product--it can offer hope and a way to make a difference.  I made an appointment with another woman yesterday who told me she already takes a vitamin, she likes her cleaning products, and has many different income streams going on right now.  It seemed like she was talking herself into a NO, but to my surprise.  She said that the vitamin she takes--"seems" to work, but she wanted to know more about the Shaklee company and what possibilities there were.  As we spoke, she let me know a lot about what she is doing, but more importantly--what she would really like to have happen.  She told me that she would like to help her husband get off his cholesterol medications (Antonio's story is one that struck a chord with her).  She is exhausted by the number of businesses she is running to make a living.  She isn't telling me that she wants to build another business, but she asked if I would show her the plan, so that if Shaklee would answer all her needs--she could put all the rest of her businesses to bed and focus profitably on just one.

My goals, dreams and desires are not important to anyone but me and my family.  My choices work for me, but would make others run the other direction--that is okay!!  Each one of us has the same opportunity to Build a Better Tomorrow for ourselves.  You may dream of a mansion by the ocean.  I know others who would like a cabin in the hills.  City life, burbs or country living is up for grabs.  Shaklee isn't a one type fits all company--it is an everything for everyone company.

Starting a Shaklee business is a vehicle to create the ideal life for your family.  How much do you need to achieve your desires?  Would $500 a month cover it or you looking to shoot for the stars and would $100,000 A MONTH work a little better? (yes, that is possible!)  

Would a new car or an all expenses paid vacation help out?  It is amazing that so many people work Shaklee for so many different reasons.  Some families have simply partnered with Shaklee to improve their health or lose weight.  Others get such amazing results that they share the products with friends to earn a bonus each month for sharing.  When those checks represent something even bigger--we start to share with more people.  We begin to realize that by helping other people achieve their goals and dreams we also can get what we need.  My family is looking for people who are in every category!  ~I want better health.  I want a safer home.  I just want to get fit!  I need just enough to cover my car payment.  I want to quit my J-O-B and raise my family.  I want to replace my FT income and provide an ideal lifestyle for my family.~ WE CAN HELP YOU WITH THAT!!!

It doesn't matter if it is Yes, No, or Not right now....  We are here when your timing is right.  We are here to help you and your loved ones live a Happier, Healthier, more Prosperous life (on a farm, on the beach, in a cabin or anywhere in between!).  We know your dreams are different than ours, but if you are ready to make some changes, the options are here waiting for you to say YES--I am ready.  

Watch for our next Monthly Prosperity Program.  or feel free to set up a private meeting with us to see just how Shaklee could turn your dreams into realities!

Come explore Shaklee with us @

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Blessing in tiny bundles....

WOWIE!!  For the past couple days things have been blue for me.  Nobody's at fault, things have just got me down.  Yesterday I had a difficult morning.  I received an unkind message that at the surface was true, but it seemed to cut deep.  I wanted to be angry, but found myself sad.  I then had a bit of a morning convincing my youngest that he did have to go to school, even if his older brother was staying home sick.  I found myself initially irritated, but ended up proud of my boy.  I still find his claim that he needed to take care of his brother just an excuse to stay home, but when he arrived home from school yesterday--his very first words were to his brother, "Are you feeling better?"  They are such wonderful little men!!

The only thing in my life that I could tell you I dreamed of doing is being a mom.  Now I want millions of dollars and a maid and all those luxury dreams too, but all I really ever knew I had to become was a mom.  Life would be empty without them. 

In 2004, my first baby was born.  Pour guy looks just like his mom.  He says he is my mini-me.  I couldn't be more proud of him.  He is a very talented artist and chef.  He is very smart, however he second guesses his knowledge on occasion. I pray on a daily basis he knows and truly understands how important he is to me and to the world.  Thru the years his weight has crept up.  He accepts it, but is shamed on a regular basis.  I blame myself when I hear others judging him.  I have accepted it too.  But we are on a mission to change habits, improve self-worth, and personal power.  I know that once he finds his inner and outer beauty are both gorgeous I am going to have one hard time with the lady admirers.  Imagine a young man with all the confidence in the world.  NOTHING WILL STOP HIM!!  I am probably the luckiest mother in the world.

In 2006, my second miracle was born.  He looks more like his daddy, with a little extra color, left-handed and oh so handsome.  He is also a tremendous artist.  He is excelling at everything he tries.  He is probably the only kid I know who LOVES math.  He wants to practice his math facts all the time.  He is really excited to teach his little brother and even loves the challenge of working problems with his older brother.  My challenge with this one is that he hates food. Meal time is a nightmare.  He has a couple go-to meals, but recently not even those are good.  We have an interesting time getting him to try anything new.  Oddly he hates most junk food, hates most meat, and loves salad!  His dreams are so big and luxurious.  I can't wait to see the world fall at his feet and help him achieve all his heart desires.

Now, I was done after these two.  I had a baby to hold each hand and life was normal for a while.  In 2010, Matthew improved our family!  He is one of the most opinionated little boys I know.  He knows what he likes, what he wants and how it should be accomplished.  He absolutely will not let something go once he has an idea.  We all joke about it.  At the time it is exhausting, but later in life I think he will be one successful man.  I joke that he will make a great attorney.  When he sets out to achieve a goal--he doesn't play around.  He presents his facts. He lays out the scenario and all the details as to why it would work. When he is presented with hesitation or an objection--he always has his alternatives and rationale planned out.  He never thinks of something half-way.  He knows that his chances of winning are much higher if he has the entire plan mapped out, including alternate plans) and can lead us to his vision.  He absolutely will not give up.  We have resigned to getting things done when he asks, or it will be a daily, hourly reminder until it is completed.  He came up with an idea to make a bar (lemonade type stand) back in the fall.  We were too busy to make anything and pushed it to the back burner---you better believe that nearly 5 months later he is still waiting for a nice day to go out and build his bar.  He even collected the necessary wood from a construction site we worked on.  I am so thrilled to know that in his few years, he has become such a wonderfully interesting little creative, determined little man.

Having children is a very easy part in all this....  Being a mom is where it gets tricky.  I am responsible for teaching, nurturing and inspiring them to be the best people they can.  I sometimes feel so unworthy for this job.  They teach me more every day than I could have ever imagined.  I have the absolutely BEST children.  They are typical boys!  We laugh, too often about farts, and we wrestle and fight as children do.  But more times than I can even count my boys have been complimented for being wonderful.  We have gotten compliments all over--at restaurants, in shops, at business functions, the only babysitter they have ever had was amazed at how easy they were to watch.  My boys have been given treats, and even once a lady at the grocery store asked if she could give them money for being so well behaved.  If you don't think that made them walk a foot taller...  When we watch "those kids" throwing a fit in the store I often ask them if they would ever act that way.  They are all quick to say NO WAY, you would kill us for acting that way.  I laugh and tell them they are right.  I would never allow my children to throw such a fuss.  They laugh because they know that whining is my absolute LEAST favorite action EVER!!  If you whine---you get nothing.  I am more than happy to get a snack or a drink or even a treat for anyone, as long as you come to me and ask with a please and a great tone.  My husband and I seem to have a TON of rules.  But when you ask my kids about all their restrictions--they look at us funny.  My boys are free.  They are so responsible that they are able to play with anything, they cook, they run the mowers, they have their own electronics/ TV.  When they hear of restrictions they don't think they have any--but oh do they.  Kind of funny when you look at the way my boys have been raised, compared to other children of the same ages.  Now there are occasions that we slip up and break a few of these, but they are life guidelines and they have been following them for their entire lives.  We don't say stupid or dumb, we don't whine (#1), we don't make fun of others, we say thank you, we sit quite when necessary, we scream and shout when it is appropriate.  The character of a person is not suddenly learned, it is built in.  Honesty and integrity need to be instilled in our children from the very start.  Then there is accountability.  We have worked hard to teach our boys responsibility.  They work hard.  Not like little kids, but as if they are grown men.  They take pride in their accomplishments.  They earn their own spending money.  My boys have purchased some very nice items for their media room all on their own.  They know what it means to be accountable to the team.  Sometimes the work is very heavy and we are all in.  Lose a link and someone else has to work even harder.  I watch these boys become men and I find myself sad, proud... elated about what I see.

I am FAR from a perfect mom.  I haven't always shown them the smartest route.  I haven't been very good with my financial situation, so there are years where we did without.  We have made some crazy meals, but we have always eaten.  We make up stay-cations just to make life an adventure.  I worked lots and lots of hours along the way.  I was exhausted and they had to let me rest.  As young little guys they should have had a mom ready to play and have adventures, but even when I wasn't sleeping--I wasn't always fully awake.  How did I end up with such wonderful men?  They delight my world.

About a year and a half ago we moved.  We moved from a home we bought as a rental, but wound up moving in and spending 11 years there.  I wish I would have been successful enough years ago to have moved.  Our freedom levels have now quadrupled.  My boys now aren't restricted to inside the house.  They have 1.5 acres to enjoy.  We can breathe.  It is an amazing feeling to move where you feel safe and warm and relaxed.  Our adventure just took a huge turn.  When we lived in the poor life, we felt it.  When we decided enough was enough--life changed.  We became a family.  A family with full energy and laughter to enjoy the next chapter.  We are working together to build something better.  We are currently working to get in better physical shape.  We are working at sharing our Shaklee story with other families, so they can feel the Shaklee results too.  We are renovating homes together too.  That is fun physical activity that is teaching my boys life skills.  They know who to shut off water lines and tear out kitchen cabinets, floors, bathroom fixtures....  It is amazing to watch them work.  They all have a task and they know what tool they need to get it done.

I have been praying for them my entire life.  This is the first year that I have ever read the Bible.  My children were given a child's Bible, so we began reading it.  They all take turns reading chapters.  On the days I don't have the energy they are bummed.  They look forward to reading time.  We read together, learn together and we reflect together.  We are learning to pray properly together too.  I have given my boys underlying skills to get thru the maze of life, but a firm foundation on God and all the blessings He bestows on us will guide them thru hopefully without the many tragedies that I have faced over the years.  Leaning into God, rather than figuring it out on our own has proven to be much more reliable!  I hope that my family will continue to fight for our seat next to God.  We are so blessed to have each other.

I am so blessed to be called "Mom."

 May your day be blessed and may you find your reason for Building a Better Tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The challenge is REAL!!


Most of would cringe and rather pull the covers up over our head than go.  So why do we?

Everyone has to work, right?

What if your boss offered you a position where you could work from home, rather than head into the office?


Well, Let's take a look at working from home.  Who is in charge of your hours?  Are you accountable for the work assigned to you?  What if you feel like going to the park with your ill child instead of working?  How many times do you need to report to the boss each day?  How are your hours tracked?  What did you save--gasoline?

You most likely just do the same job at home rather than at the office.  The freedom of working from home is limited.  You are still the employee.

What if you own the company; work at home, on the beach, over coffee, or in your car and didn't have anyone but yourself to report to?


It certainly comes with its own challenges.

Owning your own company offers so many blessings.
In my world--
I play with my kids when school is cancelled
I am home for all the events in the family
When I want a raise--I get it!
When I need a vacation--I am approved
No set time to sit at my desk
I get to offer life solutions for families

But what about WORKING for myself

I need to be more aware of the hours FB catches my attention each week
I have to remember I need to help families to reach my goals
I have to skip a great show and get back to work
What if I indulge too much on the free-time perk?
       No work, no pay---it is the same everywhere...  RIGHT?

Well, WAIT--not with this company.  It takes a focused effort to introduce Shaklee to others.  I need to make sure that I offer the message of better health and the opportunity to own their own futures, but it takes effort.  I need to continue to listen for needs and offer the products.  But unlike a 9 to 5 income.  Once I introduce Shaklee to a member, they are always members.  Each and every time they buy a product (online, over the web or by phone) I earn credit.  I even earn credit for anyone they shared the products with.  So unlike a JOB, I don't necessarily have to work every day.  I have the freedom to take a break when I need one.  The people who start using Shaklee products see results quickly and on average are long-term consumers for over 17+ years.  That is an amazing income security.  When we introduce Shaklee to our members we aren't as excited to sell the product as we are to hear how well they feel after using them.  I get excited to know that yes, I earned some income recommending the products, but I helped make someone's day better.  

My life couldn't be what it is now without Shaklee.  I believe that without the products, I would have long lost my husband.  Adding healthy nutrition into Antonio's daily routine, I got him back.  When my mother invited me to join her at a conference--I didn't know how much it would change my future.  I knew we needed to share Shaklee products with friends to help them avoid the terrifying life we led with Antonio's health issues.  What I didn't really get was that by sharing Shaklee with others I was also helping myself.  I haven't grown very quickly, but with each new product offered, and life changed--my life has even more meaning.  

I have the opportunity to share every moment with my family.  I earn a bonus check each month because my Shaklee family ordered their favorites.  Some are excited about losing weight, others are in love with the non-toxic cleaners.  (I couldn't live without them).  My husband will never go without his Alfalfa and protein in the morning (among other supplements).  He relies on the products to keep his body strong and resilient to illness.  He loves how strong and full he feels with the Life Protein and Vitalizer.  It seems so amazing that in just 30-days or less your energy can improve noticeably.  

I am looking for people who are ready for a better tomorrow--TODAY!!!

We are looking for those families who don't want the toxic chemical cleaners around their babies.  We are looking for those ready to shed a few extra pounds.  I dropped from size 12 to 4 and gained muscle!!  Maybe there are debts or savings that need attention.  More income would solve the problem.  

Our way of life isn't for everyone, but is available to everyone searching for a better way.  If you know someone looking for a way to earn a real income without having to give their time and efforts to a boss--someone ready to make a change now--please forward the info to them.  We would love to sit down and help them discover what Shaklee can mean to them too!

Visit us for more information on us, the company and the products, of course.

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Is it the past or the FUTURE we seek?

Have you ever thought about a brighter future? 

Would you like to make changes that could lead you in a whole new direction? 

What are holding onto that keeps you from moving forward?

I struggle every day to do something different.  I try to challenge myself to do something uncomfortable--to stretch my limits.  I love what I do!  I love that I own my time and my freedoms.  BUT, I have limitations.  Personal limitations I place on myself.  They are EXCUSES!! 

One of the best things about owning my Shaklee business is that I get to help people find solutions.  I have the chance to make a difference for my family by helping families get healthier.  When we are honest with ourselves--we all know someone who could use a little help with a health issue of some kind.  Maybe weight is an issue--it is for our family.  What about just being tired all the time?  What about never having enough money.  We struggle with finances too.  But there is an amazing product that we forget to share--HOPE!!  We have the best, safest, and most effective products available in the US today.  We have a wonderful compensation program for those who choose to share the products with their friends and family. 

A problem that rears up in my world is not sharing the Shaklee story when I see a need.  Why do I stay quite?  My life changed 100% when Antonio finally started using the products.  Our life was bleak!  We never smiled.  We had heavy blankets on all our windows to keep the world out.  We spent more on medical visits than I had money for.  Life was hard.  There weren't many options at the time (so I thought).  I was working two jobs to keep us going.  I was just BARELY floating.  I didn't know how long we would be able to keep it up.  Antonio's health got worse and worse and the expenses got higher and higher.  I felt like there was NO HOPE for us.  It was miserable. 

So what a blessing that it all turned around!!  Antonio finally gave Shaklee a shot.  He decided the medicines were slowly killing him, so why not try one more option.


Antonio came alive.  He dropped all of his prescriptions.  He began to feel amazing.  He hadn't been able to comfortably move for months.  His back hurt him so badly, even with shots and medications.  It took Shaklee's Alfalfa to turn it around.  He began to take Omega's to help with his depression and assist with his cholesterol issues.  But after a month of using the products his doctor gave him the BEST news of our lives.  His blood work was back to normal---PERFECTLY NORMAL!!  He had been in the doctor on monthly monitoring it got so high.  We were often frustrated because his numbers went up each visit.  He was on a very bland, strict diet, many different medications to counterbalance each new problem caused by the next drug.  Shaklee took a weight off his shoulders that must have felt like 100 elephants. 


It gave us hope  that he was going to be around to see his kids grow up.  It gave me my husband back.  It saved us so much money without all the medical bills/ medications to buy each month.  As a wife--there wasn't much I could "force" him to do.  He wasn't ready to hear about why Shaklee was different.  He wasn't ready to give up on the doctors.  They were going to fix him. 

In only a month and 5 days---Antonio change the course of his health by simply adding Shaklee supplements.  I was so excited and relieve that he got such great results.  So we rejoiced for a while.

THEN, I realized that there are other families being torn apart by a medical issue, just like ours.  It was time that we told other people that there is HOPE!!  We did!  My mother invited me to the Shaklee conference and it changed the rest of our lives.  I watched people walk across the stage by the hundreds!  I didn't see myself owning a business like this, but I got so motivated!  We started to share more and more.  We invited people to experience the Shaklee difference for themselves.

I used to believe that I didn't deserve it.  I was ashamed that I didn't have a high-paying job.  I had to leave my babies every night to go to a dead end job.  I felt that it was as good as it could be.  It served its purpose for the time.  It provided a way to live, but I wanted MORE.  I wanted more out of life!!

I wanted to be happy!  I wanted to really be a mom--available and ready for any school function.  I wanted to be home to help my kids with their homework.  I wanted to wake up in the morning without feeling like a zombie.  When I quit my job I lost a lot.  I lost a structured day.  I lost competition among my co-workers.  I lost being under the watchful eye of the upper management.  I lost the "FEAR" of losing my job.  It was an environment built on fear and intimidation.

When I left my corporate J-O-B I knew there would be people happy to see me leave.  I knew that I would be happy to not see them either.  But I also lost "friends"  I lost contact with people who were my closest friends.  Some because I scared them by leaving.  They were not ready to jump from the moving train and I understand.  I lost a lot because this is a business I am in charge of.  I have to build the relationships and give presentations.  I am in charge of making calls and responding to the emails.  I feel so fortunate!!  I have gained so many new lessons over the past year.  I truly became the full-time mom I always wanted to be. 

This year I am leaving all the previous versions of myself in the past.  I don't have a ton of cash, but I have a wonderful home, a beautiful family, great health, a trim waistline (getting trimmer as we go with family exercise and Shaklee 180).  My family is learning to set and achieve goals!  We are studying the bible together.  We watch shows and movies together.  We have such a wonderful life now that I am who I really need to be.  I now get the opportunity to share my NEW me with others.  It doesn't matter what struggles I have been thru!  It doesn't matter how many debts have been racked up and paid down.  It isn't about the outer appearances.  It is about being TRUE TO ME!!

I want my family to thrive in this new year.  I want to help other families to shed off their own achievement DOUBT.  I hope to show others that accepting life only the way it is because it is comfortable is not living. 

What kind of life do you want to live?  Do you want to have options?  What if all you had to do was take care of yourself from the inside out and you would?

Take a personal tour of our Shaklee life.  Get to know the products and the business by visiting our introduction page.

We invite you to redefine your future!!

Thursday, December 31, 2015


2016 is going to be an amazing year!!

 For the first time in my life I realize that I have the power to change my circumstances.  I don't have to wait for perfect conditions to happen to make changes.  I need to make the changes so that the rest can fall into place.  I am not rich, but I am blessed!  I have the best family in the world!  They are growing to be the very best little men I know.  They are thoughtful and smart.  My husband and I are a wonderful team!  We share the same goals for our future.  We are so excited that we have the privilege to share our story to benefit other families.  Helping others live a healthier life and choose to make a change to enjoy a better lifestyle too is amazing!

I wish that in the coming year you are able to find joy in what you have accomplished or make sure that you are able change your circumstances so that your blessings can be made known.  So that all your plans and dreams are able to come true.  It starts with you!