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Monday, March 2, 2015

No More Car Payments!!

Are you looking for a new car, but just don't want to add another bill to the mix?

Shaklee offers a car bonus, so you don't have to!!  

HOW?  Help others and get rewarded.  When you partner with Shaklee, you help people enjoy better health, slimmer waistlines, and when they see results they get excited the paychecks start to grow.  Some people you introduce to Shaklee will decide to simply use the products and enjoy the benefits of the products.  Some people will love them and start to share them with others.  Others will see Shaklee as a true gift and build a team of people who love and share the products and lifestyle Shaklee offers.  In Shaklee there is really only one key building block--become a Shaklee Director.

A Director is a Shaklee Independent Distributor who has built a group of consumers and other business owners to a group purchasing volume of a minimum of 2000 PV (point value) a month.  When you reach Director and help just one other person reach the same level--Shaklee offers you a car bonus (over and above all other ways to earn income).  Most traditional companies only offer a new car to the top executives.  Not with Shaklee--every distributor is important!!

Do you know anyone who could use better health and/ or a new car?

Go pick out the car of your dreams---no pre-set list of possibilities.  When you meet all the qualification requirements Shaklee will help you make your payment.  As you help more people gain better health and build more teams of like-minded people your car bonus increases.  The possibilities are endless!


We invited you to join us and help us change lives
....starting with your own!

Visit: to get started or to contact us for a personal introduction.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Oh yeah!!!! It works......

I started out--unmotivated, unhealthy and overweight.  In 2011, I didn't really intend to start a Shaklee business.  I went to the convention for some relaxation and a bit of fun.  It hit me hard that weekend that I wasn't doing anything in my life that I "wanted" to do.  I was just running through the motions to get through the day.  I didn't really have a concern with my weight or what I was eating.  I worked nights, and caffeine became a must have.  During the 2011 convention I realized that if I want a better life--I had to make it.  It wasn't going to come to me.

I decided then and there that I needed to start sharing the Shaklee products with people.  I had been using the products for my entire life, so they were just a part of everyday.  I realized that I took my health for granted and that I needed to get back to the basics.

My husband and I decided it was time to lose the extra weight!!

Antonio went from a size 40 waist to a 33.  I am happy to say the progression of the photos below go from a solid size 12 on the left side to a size 4.

 I have a little more to go to lose the "fluff," but overall I am delighted with my progress.  I love to think I have never sacrificed a meal.  With the Shaklee 180 meal replacements--I was always full and when I had "real" food I didn't over eat.  I just didn't need it.  At times I wish I would have rocked out the diet and dropped the 40 pounds all at once, but I am a terrible diet follower.  I get excited---then a few weeks into it--I give up.  The meal and snack bars have just become part of our lives.  We aren't eating strickly healthy meals, but because we generally have 1-2 Shaklee meals a day---we are confident we have the protein and vitamins our bodies need.  Just this month our entire family has started to workout together.  We aren't killing ourselves, but it feels good to get the blood pumping and to all have a goal in mind.

Since all the "big food holidays" are finished for a while--we are planning to eat as healthy as possible with 2 Shaklee replacement meals a day, until summer.  We are anxious to get fit!  Now is as good a time as any.

For those of you who were like me with caffeine--I am in love with the Shaklee 180 tea.  It doesn't give you any of those sugar spikes, like a soda, but it helps give just a little extra perk in energy.


 Take a moment to watch the video on the Shaklee 180 program.  It is really easy to follow.  We keep losing, even when we "cheat."  I think that is my favorite part--I don't have to worry my entire goal is blown when we stray from the diet.  We just keep going.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tax Benefits

According to Turbo Tax---here are some allowable deductible categories to consider when you own a Shaklee business.

Just think about what you spend to conduct business.  Do you communicate with customers using a phone, a computer over the internet or through the mail.  Those expenses are deductible.

Do you use your car to visit customers or deliver products?  Then you car is a business expense.  Track the miles and expenses for your car to calculate deductions through the year.

Have you ever taken a trip to learn more about your company or the program?  Have you incurred costs related to those expenses--hotel, rental car, airfare?  Those are deductible expenses.

Making money is the objective, but isn't keeping it a better idea?  If you make a $100 in income and can write off $50 in expenses---you pay less in tax to the IRS.

Talk with a tax professional to see how you can maximize your tax deductions.

Tax Deductions to Consider via Turbo Tax 2014

Business Income and Expenses
Your Independent Shaklee Distributor Business

Business Profile
Information about your business

General Business Information 
Business Description:
Independent Shaklee Distributor
Business Code:

Business Income
>>Forms 1099-MISC & 1099-K, gross receipts, sales  (From Shaklee)

>> Total Customer Rebates or Refunds Paid by you (if any):

Do You Have Inventory to Report?
Inventory / Cost of Goods Sold
If you carry inventory to sell from your shelf—must keep records of total values at the beginning and end of year.

Business Expenses:  Every day expenses conducting business

Business Vehicle Expenses 

>>Yr/ Make/ Model

>>Date purchased

>>Purchase Price with or without trade-in

>>Date placed into business service

>>Mileage records  Beginning and End Mileage each Year

     >>Written record of all miles driven for Business

   >>**Miles driven from your “job” to get to your Business (home) counts as business expense to get to “work”

**Enter the total expenses for your vehicle in 2014 and Turbo Tax will calculate the amount 
allowed for business use.



Repairs and Maintenance

Car Insurance:  Example: Kari paid for an insurance policy for the whole year, but she used her car for business for six months. Kari would enter only six months of premiums here.

Registration/License Fees

Garage Rent

Towing charges

Auto club dues

Amounts you spend for washing, waxing, and detailing your vehicle

Vehicle accessories, such as steering wheel covers, seat covers and cup holders

Small parts you replace, such as bulbs and wipers

Car and truck repair tools

Tires, tools for fixing flats

Business Parking Fees

Business Tolls

Total Interest Paid on Vehicle

Local Transportation—bus, local car rental, subway tolls

Other Common Business Expenses

  - Business cards
 - Yellow page listings
 - Web advertising, banner ads, pay-per-click fees
 - Promotional purchases and giveaways (T-shirts, caps, bags, pens) 
 - Brochures, mailers, flyers
- Fees paid to ad and public relations agencies
 - Web site creation and hosting
 - Business logo design
 - Marketing e-mail, direct mail campaigns
 - SEO and web traffic analysis
 - Promotions and promotional events
 - Newspaper, magazine advertising
 - TV advertising
 - Professional performance videos and CDs
 - Package design fees
 - Catalogs
 - Billboards, signs and display racks
 - Phone book advertising
 - Sponsorships
 - Banners, posters for business
 - Bumper stickers, door-hangers related to promoting your business
-       Product Samples Costs (first time to try a new product)

Travel Expenses
-       Air, train or bus fare for business travel
-       Hotel and motel expenses for business travel
-       Rental car expenses
-       Taxi, shuttle fares and transportation tips while out of town on business
-       Gas, oil, parking fees and tolls while out of town (for rental vehicles)
-       More examples:
-       Computer rental costs when away on business
-       Internet access fees when away on business
-       Phone calls when away on business
-       Tips while traveling (except for meal tips, which are only 50% deductible)
-       Dry cleaning if you have to stay overnight for business
-       Cost of shipping baggage, supplies, products, equipment necessary for business
-       Cost of storing baggage and equipment during a business trip
-       Late check-out charges, if you are required to stay overtime for business

Communication Expenses

-         Second phone line for business

-         Cell phone service used for business

-         Long distance calls for business

-         Wireless access for mobile devices

-         Internet service used for business

Health Insurance for Business

-       Health Insurance Premiums for Employees

-       Business Insurances—Worker’s Comp, Fire and Theft, Malpractice

-       Other Interest

-       >> Credit Card Interest for Business Uses

-       >>Interest on a Business Loan

Legal and Professional Fees

-       >> Professional association membership fees

-       Organization dues (including state bar dues)

-       Legal fees for business matters

-       Accounting fees

-       Short-term consulting fees

-       One-time management consultation fees

-       One-time marketing consultation fees

-       One-time engineering consultation fees

-       One-time technical consultation fees

-       Fees paid for Web site analysis

-       One-time logo and web design fees

Meals and Entertainment

-       >> Meals while traveling; entertaining your business associates

Office Expenses

-       Shredding services
-       Software
-       Office cleaning
-       Minor handicap-access expenses (as opposed to major expenses for a renovation)
-       Office decoration
-       A separate cable line for your office
-       A separate security system for your office

Rental Expenses>> Equipment such as computers and copiers, retail or warehouse space, land

Repairs and Maintenance to the office or equipment

Office Supplies

  • Pens, pencils, paper, pads
  • Printer ink, toner, copier paper
  • Data CDs, floppy disks
  • Stamps, labels, envelopes, mailers
  • Flash drives
  • Shipping materials
  • Storage and filing boxes
  • Memo and message pads, Post-it notepads
  • Whiteboards and markers
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Calendars and planners
  • Staples, staplers, paper clips, scissors
  • Tape, tape dispensers, rulers
  • Calculators

Taxes and Licenses

Payroll taxes for employees, such as Medicare, Social Security (FICA)
 - Unemployment taxes for employees (Federal and State)
 - Business licenses and permits
 - Professional licenses and renewal fees
 - Real Estate Taxes for business property

More examples:
 - DBA/Fictitious Business Name one-time filing fee
 - Incorporation fees
 - Business name search fees
 - Copyright application and registration
 - Trademarks and logo fees
 - Domain name search fees
 - Software licensing and renewal fees
 - Real estate taxes for an office you own (not your home office)
 - Any other taxes imposed by city, state, county in order for you to conduct business
 - Fee to acquire, draft or cancel a lease
 - Certification upgrade fees

Miscellaneous expenses

  • Bank service charges
  • Books, magazines, newspapers and other subscriptions for business
  • Business-related gifts
  • Conferences and conventions including travel
  • Continuing-education expenses
  • Credit card fees
  • Dues to professional organizations
  • Employment agency fees
  • Memberships for business like Costco business memberships
  • Printing and copies
  • Prizes to customers and suppliers
  • Shipping and postage
  • Small tools
  • Start up costs ($5,000 maximum allowed)
  • Tax return software (business portion)
  • Uniforms and their maintenance
  • Value of Required Monthly Point Value (PV) Purchases

Home Office Expenses

--% of time using the home for Business purposes

--Square footage of Home office/ Entire home

·       Interest Paid for Mortgage

·       Mortgage Insurance Premiums

·       Property Taxes paid on Home

·       Utilities for the entire home

·       Repair Cost for the entire home

·       Home Owner’s Insurance

·       Home Association Dues

·       Home Security fees

·       Casualty and Theft Costs

Business Assets
Business property that is depreciated
·       Computer
·       Printer