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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Have you ever thought of becoming a teacher for... the summers off?

I just realized--I get that same lifestyle.  Not by intention, but the summer is really a busy time!  I am working on yards with my husband, swimming with my boys, working on renovations and camping/ traveling.  The summer is flying by and before I realize it school will be back in session and life will slow way down.  WAIT--no it is going to get REALLY BUSY!!  When my home life starts to stabilize that is when I can really focus on helping people enjoy the Shaklee life we have built!

This summer has been wonderful!  We are playing and working hard.  Our summertime garage sales and just plain interaction has helped new families to enjoy better health and to earn their very first Shaklee bonus check (on the very first order).  Shaklee hasn't stopped while we are on our summer break, but this business is amazing.  I haven't been sharing and sharing, like I normally do.  I haven't had to make presentations and my bonus check continues to increase each month.

We just got back from a camping trip where we were on vacation!!  We played, swam, paddle boated, fished and ate way too much!!  It was so beautiful!  Funny thing is that Shaklee becomes a part of your life.  It isn't really a badge you put on and take off when you aren't working.  We were eating lunch one afternoon and I just had to giggle....  We were vacationing with one of our Shaklee members and her family.  As we were eating she was telling her niece and nephew that they should make a Shaklee smoothee before they leave for work and that would be surprised how full they will be and that it tastes so good.  They could avoid stopping for breakfast each morning.  She said her sister had just gotten started drinking a shake with her in the morning and liked them too.  Because of the conversations over the weekend she decided it was time to add a new product to her routine.  She has seen such an improvement with her health by adding Shaklee's multi-vitamin, Vita-Lea, Life Protein and Alfalfa.  It was so cute.  Every morning she would hand her husband a glass of water and a handful of Alfalfa, then tell him just to take them....  When you find something that works--you share!  So many of our members have started out just looking for relief for themselves, but just can't keep it to themselves.  They have to share feeling better with the people they love--brothers, daughters, wifes, sons, neighbors, co-workers....  We feel so blessed by having just shared with one or two people who then share and share with the people they love and our healthy family grows.

Working my Shaklee business is not my focus right now--my family is.  I have gained a few extra pounds this summer--and I am okay with it.  We have been going for ice cream, having big picnics, and just enjoying life.  I can't wait for the fall to start, not because my kiddos will be in school, but I will have time to focus on YOU!  Together we will be able to share the products and lifestyle that Shaklee offers to everyone.  If you have a health concern, from allergies to Cancer, let's focus on feeding your body healthy--reinforce your health and build up immunity against the aggressor.  OR, if you are looking for a way to make some extra money--as little or as much as you need--let's set up a time to see how it can become your reality.  You could be like me and work Shaklee around your life or you could work Shaklee full-time and really make things happen fast!  It is your choice!  Being in business for yourself can be challenging, but in Shaklee you aren't alone.  You have a team of people, on and off your team, who are ready and willing to help.  Let me know when you are ready to get healthy--physically and financially!

September is just around the corner...... 

Match your schedule with mine....

Monday, June 27, 2016

It isn't "what I do"..... It's WHY I do it!!

You've probably heard me talk about Shaklee a bunch of times.  You have seen before and after photos....  But it isn't what I is WHY I share it.....

I share stories all the time of successful life changes!  Antonio and I have been so blessed by better health we knew we had to share what we know.

Cleaning?  Who likes to clean?

I only love to clean when you can actually see the difference and SHAKLEE makes the difference EASY to see!  When we share the products people see the power in the cleaners RIGHT away!  This weekend we met 3 women at our garage sale, who were so blown away with Basic H and Scour off that they all 3 ordered some on the spot---BUT, when we started to talk about our experiences relating to our improved health--they immediately started talking about their health needs and even thought about a few friends who were struggling!  They can't wait to share the possibilities with the friends that weren't with them.  We started out talking about how to easily clean up a dirty stove and ended up helping to match up a health concern with a Shaklee solution.  Antonio shared his cholesterol story and one of the ladies has been searching for a healthy way to lower their cholesterol.  WOW!!  We simply wanted to get rid of some extra appliances and all of us mentioned how amazing it was that God had put us together at the same/ same place so that moment would take place.  We have been helping people as they pass our paths.  We are ready to make the Shaklee opportunity open up for so many more!  

Are you looking for a way to improve your future?  Do you know anyone looking for a healthy solution?  Because we have helped people live better--we get to live better too!  When we share our story with people who see a benefit for themselves, we receive a bonus check each month.  My check has increased over the past couple months, my monthly bonus has increased over 10 times.  I wasn't even searching for people to help.  What an amazing opportunity.  We introduced Shaklee to people who had a need and helped them eliminate an unnecessary concern.  We helped families remove toxins from their home, lose weight, increase energy, improve emotional stresses due to depression.....  We have been fortunate to hear so many success stories this month!  We had a family start using the products a few months ago who are considering becoming a distributor to earn their very own bonus for what they use themselves and for all they have already shared with family and friends.  So they will soon be earning their products essentially for free!!  Helping others live better, so that they too will be able to live better.  

Starting July 1st--we are looking to fill our calendar solid for the month of July!  We invite you to schedule your preferred time today.  We will be holding opportunity programs every week for those who see Shaklee could be an answer to a life concern/ goal. 

Schedule your slot today!  If you would like to introduce a group of people to our program--we can schedule a group program when we talk.


Thursday, May 12, 2016


Yesterday I met with a member of a mutual networking group to answer some questions about my business so that she can better her own training and mentoring program.  I am always happy to help make things work better for others.  It was a bit of strange conversation--ALL about ME!  When I talk with people---I want to know all about them, so this was a switch.

First question:
Are you happy with your current profession?
        A:  Actually, I love it.

Oh, you do?
        A:  I never in a million years thought so, but it has become such a blessing.  We unexpectedly                   fell in love with everything we do!

So what do you do?
        A:  I am a Shaklee distributor.  Have you ever heard of Shaklee?

No.  What is it?
        A:  It is one of the oldest, steadfast nutrition companies in the US.

----I shared a little about our story.  I shared how when Antonio finally used the products we saw such a life changing difference that we knew we had to share it with other people that were looking for answers for health concerns too!  But, that wasn't all.  When we made it a plan to start sharing the products on purpose--we started to help people and Shaklee paid us to do it!!  Once we moved, life was getting to be right where we dreamed.  We were now in a peaceful home, and doing well financially.  It was time to quit my full-time job.  We took a huge leap!  I didn't have a back up plan, other than continue to share Shaklee.

The interview questions continued.

Do you have goals?
        A:  I most certainly do.

Are your work goals different than your personal goals?
A:  No, I don't think they are really separate.  I get to do it all for the same purpose.  The more I get to share our story the closer we are to the goals.  I told the woman that I my goals aren't driven by the rewards of my career, the awards, trips, cars, income.  We are proud of doing what we do and know that helping other people live better tomorrows is worth it, regardless of what we get from it.  Being a Shaklee stay-at-home mom, I haven't missed a special moment in nearly 18 months!  My boys are learning about their own goals, achievements, and when we talk about what we will do when we "win the lottery"--my boys actually told us once that they wouldn't change anything about our lifestyle.  We work hard together, we play well together, and they love how we live!  That is a true testament to being in the right space in life at the right time.  I wouldn't change a moment with my family for anything!

What is something that keeps you up at night--worries, concerns?
A:  I sleep well, but during my day to day life, money concerns are always present.  Just the thought that this bill is due again or that one....  I certainly need to make more money so the bills don't cause even a thought.  But because I am not on a mission to "make a sale" I don't meet with people with the goal of a paycheck.  God is sending us the people who need to know about Shaklee.

She stopped the interview and mentioned that she herself believes that people are brought into our lives for a purpose.  We talked a moment about how random chances have brought many people into our lives and made such an impact.  Those are the moments that remind us that we are doing exactly what we are meant to do!

She asked me if I am not as "successful financially" as I would like, what is keeping me from achieving the goal.

A:  I told her it was a double edged sword.  As my focus has never been about the sale--I don't             pressure anyone into anything they don't really need/ want.  I am proud of that--I don't force a yes, but help work thru a maybe when it presents.  So if I need more money to live easier and helping people is the manner in which I make money.....I think that I simply need more conversations!

I have a desire for more members, more income, more financial security, more options, but   because my goal is to help other people achieve their goals and not to "make a sale."  I haven't soared quickly.  But knowing that I never pressure a yes--people feel comfortable to ask questions, explore their choices and see how it actually does fit into their own goals.

I began to think about it---all along I have been compensated for helping people live better, & because when I do--I earn more.  WIN~WIN!!  I need to take more action.  I don't have to change anything I do--I just need to do more of it!  

                             My story doesn't change, but the responses do:
                             ~I need it--let's put together an order.
                             ~I don't have a need, but my ________ could use this.
                             ~I am good, thank you for the information.
                             ~Not right now.
                            ~*I have never yet heard--an ABSOLUTE NO, leave me alone! (Doubt I ever will.)

I love when people are interested, but not right now.  I have had so many conversations where I felt there could be a fit, but that they aren't ready to take action just yet.  Years later I get a text asking if I am still selling that "stuff."  It blows my mind and tickles my heart each time.  I asked a friend once what made her ask---she talked to me daily, but never showed any interest before.  She said it wasn't about my timing--it was hers.  She didn't have a need when I shared Shaklee, but the need has risen and she thought of me.  That is why every conversation is important, YES, NO, or NOT YET.....  They all make it worth it!

How can you get involved?  It is easy!  Whether you are in need of a nutritional program, want to lose a bit of weight, are looking for toxin-free cleaners or just need to create a little more income--

Who do you know who could use a better tomorrow?  Maybe they would like to stay home with their children.  Maybe they have too many doctor visits/ prescriptions.  Maybe they are just looking for some way to enjoy life a little easier.  I would love to sit down over the phone or over a cup of coffee/tea and share with them the Shaklee options.  YES, NO and NOT YET are all acceptable answers.  

I am loving my online scheduler--no more back and forth for a day/ time that works for us both.  You can check out my availability and match it exactly with yours.  If you don't see anything that really works--send me a message and we will set up a special time.

Schedule a time to talk here!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Truth be told.....

It isn't WHAT I do that is so great, it is 

WHY I do it that makes life wonderful!

I admit I haven't done a great job sharing the whole story....  I have something that makes my life full, happy and meaningful!!  

My family!

I share my Shaklee story with people mostly because I can't keep it to myself.  Helping people achieve their own happiness is so exciting!!  Not everyone wants "my why," but everyone has their own why.  I share the stories and products so that other people live better tomorrows!  We took the hard route!  My husband didn't want to consider a healthier option and it almost cost him is life.  We are so grateful that adding Shaklee supplements saved his life.  We have been sharing for years how wonderful the products are.  They work!  They cost less than the medical alternative.  (Believe me--we spent a fortune and a half on doctor visits, physical therapy appointments, medicines and nothing helped!!)  

When we invested in Shaklee it had a cost, but the value of what we got was so much bigger than a price.  We just heard from a new member who got started just a little over 2 weeks ago....  He has changed so much that his friends are noticing....  He has 3 new people ready to get the same benefits.  Helping people change their health is nothing to ignore.  BUT....

What if by getting healthier, they could also fulfill a dream?

My dream was to be a mom--a good mom!  I wanted to provide my children with a life full of joy and wonder!  I needed an income, so I traded my time away from my family for a small paycheck.  I missed events, I had to leave when the children tried to block the door to prevent me from leaving...  I was tired all the time!  I wasn't the mom I wanted to be.  When we decided to put all our attention on Shaklee and leave my corporate job, I significantly lowered my income.  I left my security blanket for a chance to really make a difference.  I get scared sometimes, but quickly remember that every time I share Shaklee to help a new family--I earn more income.  That income is something that builds everyday!  As our new members see the physical results, they are sharing their stories with friends and family too!  My family earns a little more with every share!  I didn't start out sharing because I could make money--but it is amazing.  I can continue to share better health with friends like I have been, and I get to be the mom I always dreamt of.  My income increases each month, my friendships are growing too!  My children don't miss their mommy!  I never have to skip an important event due to work.  I have it all!!  

What are your goals?  What do you want for your reality?

Being a sales person is REALLY hard, so I am a terrible sales person!  Sharing something good is REALLY EASY--so I am a great friend!  I listen for needs and sometimes Shaklee matches, other times it doesn't (and that is okay).  

If you could share a story and help another person--would you?  What if that "sale" repeated for 17+ years (the Shaklee average)?  You made a single improvement in the life of another and you get paid month after month!  Every time they share---you get paid.  Every time they share--you get paid.  It is so exciting to watch your value go UP!!

In a J-O-B situation you trade hours for a paycheck.  When you miss work--your check is less.  With a Shaklee business you aren't tied to a schedule.  You can work truly from anywhere.  A park bench, a beach, your office, in your car....  The connections you already hold with people start the ball rolling.  I have found that just making friends, without any sales objective has led to many more orders than I expected.  People want to feel better.  And, who doesn't want to make a little extra $$?  

But, just how much could a person make by sharing Shaklee?

A career income is usually set by someone else--hourly or salary.  With Shaklee your income is yours to set.  Need a raise--HELP someone new.  Want a vacation--take it!  The income doesn't require you to sit at the desk to have the orders fulfilled.  Shaklee handles it all seamlessly!  The check comes, even while you are on a beach in Maui!

There are many ways to earn with Shaklee, so you can look at it like a buffet.  Select a couple ways or dip into all of them!  Schedule a time below to discuss them!

The GREEN layer represents the work done specifically by the Burkes.  The BLUE shows how building a team of distributors contributed to their over $500,000/yr income!


  • Do you know anyone who would love to stay at home with their family?
  • Do you know anyone who would love to drive a car they didn't have to make payments on?
  • Do you know anyone who would love to vacation for free, or whenever they choose?
  • Do you know anyone looking to get healthier?  Those people need your story!

Be the hope everyone is looking for and join us!

Set a time to talk.  We can explore your options together.  

Many blessings for you today!


Thursday, April 7, 2016

It isn't always easy.....

I LOVE what I do! It isn't always easy or perfect, but there are days that make all the bad ones melt away. This morning I got a message from a person I met on Linked in, whom I have been talking with for a few weeks. We had a coffee meeting set up for today, but he had to cancel. Turns out he was afraid I was going to try to sell him something. We cancelled, but my acceptance of his "no" has him reconsidering a meeting down the line. Direct selling is a tricky business. Not all sales are done by "selling." My company shares stories. I find it so interesting that when I tell a story about my grandfather that it sparks up a thought of someone's friend, or relative that they can relate arthritis with. Stories of allergies or weight loss invoke questions.  

I had another appointment this morning that turned out completely differently than my afternoon cancel. We met similarly.... We set up a time nearly 2 weeks ago and today was the day--complete strangers. She had some ideas about what "I do" and came into the conversation with a wall already up. We all do it--it's natural. We talked a while, got to know how we entered the mutual organization etc... When we got started talking about Shaklee---that was where it gets interesting. She has tried many of my competitors, they were "ok" or "didn't do anything." She asked why we are "different." So I told her, the deep down, from the heart reason. She stopped in our conversation and said, "you know my husband and I have been searching for a company we can trust with our health and that we can get behind--could you send me some information and help my children get healthier?" I just introduced the company to the right person, at the right timing. I didn't ask her to look, I didn't beg for an order. I told her why I love Shaklee and what it had done for us and it matched her need. That is what we do--help people answer needs. Health related concerns, financial desires or both. A long-time friend of ours heard about Shaklee, and even became a member nearly 3 years ago. He didn't use many things and that was okay. We were still friends. This winter his wife was having some allergic reactions when she cleaned and he thought of our organic cleaners. I sent him a sample, they saw such a difference that he ordered the entire line. He told me--someday---he wanted to hear about the business side of what I do. Not a week later--he set an appointment to become a distributor. He had fallen in love with the products & Shaklee's philosophy and knew that if they made as much of a difference for him, they would help other people too--all on his own. I was just there to hold open the door of possibilities.

Imagine all the things we miss when we decide NO, before we even hear hello.

I feel so proud when I help people. I am not a salesperson--I am a friend. I truly want to hear success stories. Another Shaklee member of ours contacted my husband a few weeks ago with her tail between her legs.... She started out saying--I am sorry, I will never cheat on Shaklee again. "OK?" He asked. It turns out that she doesn't sleep well with her busy schedule, so she had been using Shaklee's Gentle Sleep Complex. She ran out, but needed to get some rest, so she went to the drug store and bought a sleep aid. She said all she wanted to do was sleep, but now she felt like she was going to die. Her heart was pounding. She was sweating and sleep was the last thing she was going to get with those pills. She told my husband that that was the last time she would ever cheat on Shaklee. She finally saw that when we say there is a Shaklee Difference--there is.

I love, love, love what I get to do!! It feels great to know what I do is not about me, but I get to hold the door! Even when people say no--the door is open...5, 10, 20 years down the road.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What is at your core?

It doesn't take external motivation to make you successful!

Your journey must start at your core!

What motivates you to get up?  Are you moving daily to fulfill that desire?  If you had all you dreamed of---what would it look like?  What would it FEEL like?  

It seems like a simple question, but we make it so complicated!  Who are you and what drives you to be better?

We sometimes have no idea!  Others know what they want, but find 1000 ways to stop themselves from getting it.

We find any way to make the journey impossible!   However......

That deep desire can be used as fuel to drive you closer to the goal!  
  • How amazing does the sand feel under your feet?
  • What do feel when you see your new child for the first time?
  • Is your heart jumping when you get the keys to your dream home?
  • What do you think when you help a friend overcome an obstacle?
What is missing?

A magic key?

Sorry---that's YOU!

I have been watching some amazing stories of success and it always goes right back to the person and their core.   No matter what life throws at you---if your following your core--you won't let the curve balls distract you from getting to your goal!  

Let's say you really desire a new home.....

What are your options?
       Inherit one?
       Work really hard to save up?
       Get a loan?

What would you feel like with the new home?


       Is it always the same dream as others?  No!

Our family moved here!  We toured hundreds of homes!  We were looking for a feeling!  Other homes were more elegant.  Some had pools.  Some had much more square footage.  Some were terrible and rotten.  We found some that were great, but just didn't have the feeling!!  When my oldest son and I finally got to this one....  There was a calmness about this home.  It met the very specific criteria we had laid out.  We made sure that each child had their very own room--turns out what they really wanted was a place to call their own, but didn't want to give up their close relationship so they moved all their beds together again....

It was a FEELING that motivated them to give up their independence.  They like being together (even when they argue)!

We really needed a new home with space to play.  We got it!  People we know ask us all the time--how did you end up here?  Are there stores close?  This is really far out....  It is my little park.  I love it!  I know my dreams are different!  They don't require glitz and glam.  My core desire is just that--the feeling!  The ability to show my boys how they can achieve anything they set out to do.  It only requires a desire that doesn't waver......

Dream it!!          Map it!!                     FEEL it!!                                DO IT!!!!

I have found a way to help not only my family achieve our dreams, but I get to help other families live their dreams too!  

I would love to share my story, but I would love to hear yours!  What is your motivation and could you benefit from what I do?

If you are ready to explore a better way, schedule a time to talk.

My schedule:

Blessings to you!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

It happens all the time---timing changes. Needs change. Life changes!!

I have often thought--I've waited too long.....
              I should have started earlier....
                           If only I had made plan for the future....

I had a plan!  A plan to some day...   When the time is right....  As soon as......  I will be successful.

Reality hits that day after day we are further into the future, but nothing has changed.  Why do we think that later is better?

As a young girl--I knew I wanted a family.  I got married young, but thought it would be better when things were better, more money, more stability, more savings......  SURPRISE!!  When it comes to kids there is never a perfect timing & never enough money.  I AM OKAY WITH IT!!!

I have always been an entrepreneur!  At 16, I started a cleaning service.  After college I started a landscaping business with my husband.

I was invited to attend a Shaklee conference in 2011 by my mother.  I had a "job."  I wasn't really considering a Shaklee business.  I just figured I would go and listen. 

I mean I had it all figured out, right?

I worked 2+ FT jobs.
        •  I worked all day mowing and mulching.
      •  I worked all night long so my children never had to go to daycare.

I barely slept.
I barely ate.
I never actually had time to relax.
Bills were always a concern.

I sat at my first Shaklee conference in tears!  (For those who know me--I am not a crier).  I didn't really understand why I was so emotional.  I had done all the right things.  I graduated high school and went on to graduate college.  I got married, had 3 beautiful little men, got a job and helped provide for my family.

Shaklee Conference in DC 2011

We had such a dramatic testimonial to share with people--the products sold themselves.  They work so we just had to share them with people.  We did, and we helped other families live healthier too!  We shared to a point that we reached a milestone rank in our company.  WE DID IT!!  

As we got more excited about what Shaklee offered...  We wanted more!  We wanted the freedoms and recognition that our traditional employment couldn't offer.  We wanted to own our lives!  We were consistently able to meet our goals.  We were making good money.  Our products were free.  We had received business recognition and awards for what we had built.

So was I in for a surprise in 2014 when I quit my job to go full-time with Shaklee!  I think my legs fell out from underneath me.  Everyone I knew and counted on--disappeared.  My friends vanished.  My sales vanished too!  It was amazing to me.  It felt like I had a disease.  I lost my business rank title and thought I had failed, so owned it and allowed it to own me.

It turns out--I didn't fail.  People gave up.  The friends who had supported me along the way were afraid.  They didn't want to move forward and jump off the ledge.  They were scared the supporting me would mean they had to quit their jobs and start fresh.  Amazingly, I have found new people in my life, who know what I do, ask questions, look for guidance, use products and even have decided to start sharing it for themselves.  Not because I made them do it.  I didn't beg or bribe them.  I simply shared it.  Long-time friends of our have used a few products here and there, but never really showed much interest in the products, nor the business.  A  health concern came up in their lives recently and because they knew what we did---they asked us for some recommendations.  The recommendation to eliminate chemical cleaners from their home stirred up something much bigger.  They trusted us enough to ask more questions.  If the cleaners work this well...  how do you make a living sharing them?  It was a casual conversation.  One he said he would think about and when he was ready--he'd let me know.  Turns out that was a week.  They became distributors because they believed in the benefits of the products.  They knew that sharing the benefits with people made sense.  They have seen results and know that others will too.  
Years after I introduced an old friend to Shaklee, she surprised me and ordered some products.  After years of "not interested," I asked her why.  Years had gone by and nothing about Shaklee had changed, why now?  Her reply plays in my head daily.  It isn't about your timing--it is mine.  When you told me about Shaklee--I didn't need it, but things have changed and I now have a need you can help me with.

I think I have been successful recently because I am focused on that concept.  I am not looking to sell a product or enlist distributors.  I feel driven to let people know about Shaklee.  They can decide if there is a match to a need (or not).  It doesn't mean that years down the road that they may not change their minds and look for me for help.  It is truly an AMAZING feeling to have people search you out.  It just happened to me last week.  A man who became a Shaklee member 3 years ago called me and wanted to finally take his health serious and knew Shaklee was the safest, purest on the market.  

It happens all the time---timing changes.  Needs change.  Life changes!!

As I have been meeting with more and more new people--I realized that there are so many more ways that Shaklee can change lives.  I just met a woman who has a son with Downs Syndrome.  Now that has many challenges that have not even begun to play a role.  I started thinking about care and expenses for the child as the parents get older or even pass.  Working a job and saving as much as you can is only a part to the solution.  What if you could build (slowly or quickly) a business that could continue to earn an income year after year--something that you can pass down to children or grandchildren?  Shaklee is a way to do that.  My mother worked very hard for just under 3 years to build a solid consumer base that has been paying her nicely for nearly 35 years.  What could you build in 5-10 years for your loved ones?  What kind of retirement could you enjoy?  Why wait until all the ducks are in a row to get started.  Working just a little at a time could yield you a business that could simply change your future.

I also just met a woman in the military.  She really liked the cleaning products.  She thought of people she could share them with.  She asked how she could get involved and because Shaklee honors our military men and women---she was gifted a Distributorship for her service.

   How many commercials have you seen asking for help for our countries Vets?  How many reports have you seen about homeless or struggling Vets. needing employment?

Shaklee could be a way for a soldier and their families to earn an income month, after month--deployed or here at home.  They could help families live healthier while providing for their families.  Many of our soldiers return with disabilities that many of us struggle to even comprehend.  What are the employment opportunities for people with sever amputation?  How can they go to work and earn a decent income?  How could they "simply survive" on disability pay?  Shaklee is such a simple business.  If you are able to communicate--you can do this business.  If you love people and truly want to help--you can do this business.  If you hate to see people suffer with health issues--you can do this business.

I am so relived that I don't sell anything.  I am so happy to know that even a not right now can lead into a tell me more....  Every situation is different. We bring different experiences into the mix. We have different challenges.  My biggest challenge has been worrying about ME.  It doesn't matter much to anyone else how much money I make, the car I drive, the clothes I wear and how much I travel.  What matters is how you can live FREE!  Whatever your bucket list looks like--Shaklee can fund a way to get it done.  Private schools, nice cars, travel to exotic places, a ranch with 100 chickens, a warm-cozy place to hold your family tight and share life----your goals are unique.  

When it is your time to look to the future--I would be honored to share the full story with you.

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Best wishes to a happy, healthy and prosperous YOU!!!